Leandro Paredes in the eye of the storm

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Juventus Turin is sinking into crisis after another poor performance on the 4th day of the Champions League. Especially since this defeat against Maccabi Haifa risks at best sending the Turinese straight into the Europa League and at worst depriving them of the European Cup for the rest of the season if the team does not recover quickly. . A statistic highlights this more than complicated period that the most successful club in Italy is currently going through on the national scene: the Bianconeri had never lost three of their first four games of a group stage from the cup to the big ears. And if the whole team is concerned by this blowing general which falls on the Old Lady in the Italian press this Wednesday, certain elements are even more targeted for their pitiful performance for several meetings now.

Because yes, this is not an epiphenomenon but a deep crisis that affects both the bianconera institution and its less successful players. Leandro Paredes is one of the latter, like others, but the performance of the player on loan from Paris Saint-Germain was so laborious in the first period that he was replaced by Manuel Locatelli as soon as the second half resumed, all as Weston Mckennie replaced by Filip Kostic at the same time. It must be said that the Bianconeri midfielders participated in their own way in the new defeat of the Turin club this Tuesday in the Champions League. If the crisis in Piedmont is not new, the Israeli rout is about to overflow a glass of water already too full not to overflow in the coming days. And as so often in these cases, you have to find someone responsible. The Argentinian also seems to be in a perfect position, not like on the field, to receive the harshest criticism.

« He doesn’t want to and it shows »

“This is one of our most difficult moments” as summed up, bitterly, Andrea Agnelli, the president of the Bianconeri, after the new disillusion suffered by his team in Israel. And the Italian press has, in fact, castigated the performance of a good number of players present on the lawn of the Sammy Ofer stadium. The Albiceleste international (45 caps for 4 achievements) was particularly targeted following one of Juventus’ worst performances in the most prestigious of European competitions. The Gazzetta dello Sport didn’t pull out all the stops by awarding him a 4 in the wake of his disastrous performance. « No one expected (Andrea) Pirlo, but not this midfielder who doesn’t make an opening, doesn’t set the pace, doesn’t cover and doesn’t take responsibility. Depressing physical condition. What an unpleasant mentality” could we read in the oldest of the Italian sports newspapers.

Different media but same conclusions, La Stampa has also cut a costar to Leandro Paredes. For the sports media published in Turin, “He doesn’t want to and it shows. » Same story for La Repubblica which ends the 28-year-old within the rules. His nonchalance is at the heart of the problem, according to the Italian daily. « It looks like a player walking by and saying, ‘Ah, there’s a game? Who’s playing?’ », a real cold shower for the Argentinian, he who probably thought of reviving in Piedmont just a few weeks before the World Cup in Qatar (November 20 – December 18). These unanimous reactions from the various Italian media confirm, if it were still necessary, that Juventus and its new recruit are still in the eye of the storm. Leandro Paredes will rightly have to show a completely different face if he does not want to end up on the bench in the next rounds, he who is already weakened in Serie A (holder for his first 3 matches with the Turin club, he was on the bench for the next two).

The Turin Derby to bounce back

Another former Parisian is also in the crosshairs of the Turin newspaper, which atomizes Adrien Rabiot. Indeed, for La Stampathe Habs (29 selections, 2 achievements) could play in a Disney. “It’s the Cinderella bianconera. Midnight arrives and the beautiful carriage becomes a pumpkin again” can we read in its columns. Harsh but fair remarks which correspond to the poor form of the entire midfield of the Old Lady. The other players in the squad are not left out either. Alex Sandro, the left side of this formation, is also targeted: “What he does on the pitch should be the subject of scientific study: he doesn’t attack, he doesn’t defend, tries an incursion and disappears. » A real butcher’s shop on the field as well as outside. The next deadlines will therefore be crucial to raise our heads and move forward.

As a reminder, after nine days of Serie A, Juventus occupies a very sad 8th place, ten points behind the Neapolitan leader. The Derby della Mole against Torino will certainly be a new turning point in the gloomy season that the Bianconeri are going through. A defeat and the Turin club will truly hit rock bottom. Conversely, a victory could allow the leaders of the Old Lady to take a breath of fresh air in this ambient slump. Especially since to everyone’s surprise, they confirmed their choice not to part with Massimiliano Allegri. After that, Leonardo Bonucci’s teammates will play their survival in the Champions League next Tuesday, October 18 in Portugal against Benfica. A victory will then be essential to hope to continue the adventure in C1. Missteps are now prohibited.

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