League of Legends: Rekkles to join Karmine Corp

It is done. What was just a recurring joke will come true. Claimed without really believing it by fans of Karmine Corp in recent weeks, Martin « Rekkles » Larsson (Sweden, 25), one of the big names in esport on League of Legends, four times European champion, will leave G2 and the LEC (the European Championship) to engage with the French club, which plays in LFL (the French Championship). The player and the two organizations came to an agreement on Monday evening.

This unlikely arrival – he will go down one division – was made possible by Rekkles’ situation at his current club. After a season ended with a non-qualification for the Worlds (a first for G2), it was placed on the transfer list. But such a player is expensive. Even though his rating has fallen, the Swedish adc is one of the best in his role, a great competitor elected MVP of the LEC in the spring, the face of League of Legends in Europe…

Discussions between KCorp and Martin Larsson began at the end of last week, on the latter’s initiative.

The transfer window officially opens on Tuesday, but it has actually been played out for several weeks. And Rekkles, crossed out in the top teams in LEC or LCS (the first North American division) has seen his possibilities reduced within these closed Leagues. G2 has therefore revised its claims downwards and the Karmine Corp, the dominant club in France and at the second continental level (the European Masters), followed by tens of thousands of supporters, has thus become a credible alternative to avoid chomping at the bit. on the bench.

Discussions between KCorp and Martin Larsson began at the end of last week, on the latter’s initiative. Karmine had a deal with Norway’s Jakob « Jackspektra » Kepple, but the prospect of picking up a player like Rekkles reshuffled the cards. The club will, however, pay a large sum to G2 to secure the services of the Swede, who will sign a multi-year contract.

An important investment for a structure which is just celebrating its first anniversary, but the impact of such a transfer, inconceivable just a few days ago – Rekkles is a major player who will evolve in a « minor » league -, should be important (merchandising, audiences, outreach). Both for the KCorp and the LFL.

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