League changes the rules because of Trae Young, he reacts

In the week, the NBA cracked down on the smart guys who took advantage of a loophole in the rules to cause fouls and get excessively free throws. The first name that comes to mind? That of Trae Young, who reacted to these league changes.

It was in the pipes, it is now confirmed: the refereeing will change next season: no more whistles when you throw yourself on the defender or when you change the trajectory of your race to hit them voluntarily. An « art » that Trae Young, Luka Doncic or James Harden, among others, yet mastered perfectly.

The name of the leader of the Hawks stands out in particular, as he tends to use (and abuse) these jokes. Earlier in the regular season, moreover, Steve Nash had pushed a rant by explaining that it was « not basketball ».

The NBA heard the complaints and therefore adjusted its rules, which was fun… Young himself! Ice Trae is now in a very prestigious list, that of players so dominant that they have led to rule changes from the league. So obviously, he takes it with pride.

Honoré, really 🤣🤷🏽‍♂️

To recap, Wilt Chamberlain had created the rule of goaltending following his very (too) many counters of balls in the descending phase, which made the possibility of scoring almost zero for the opponents. Michael Jordan got the game out of the way with the illegal defense, when Charles Barkley, who was camping a little too hard at the post, saw the 5-second back-to-basket limit imposed.

Shaquille O’Neal for zone defense, Kevin Durant for rip-through and Allen Iverson in a very different register, that of the dress code, are the other major names for whom the NBA had to rack their brains and make adjustments. at rulebook.

So strong that the rules have to be changed? This is what pleases Trae Young, who prefers to have fun. Especially since the leader has plenty of other strings to his bow to continue to be efficient and to delight us!

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