League 1 | The FFL ranking after the 5th day

Slack in Ligue 1, with only one team putting on 5 pearls. Two new leaders in the standings, and a Girondin record that is starting to shake. Sit down, the FFL ranking is coming.

As a reminder, for this season, we have decided to establish a semi-objective scale so that each club is housed in the same boat. Of course, all this can also be seasoned with arbitrary notes to the client’s head. And no VAR here.


. Defeat: +1pt
. Own goal: +1 pt
. Goal conceded in added time: +1 pt
. Missed Penalty: +1 pt
. Defeat by 3 goals difference or more: +1 pt
. 5 or more goals conceded: +1 pt from the 5th goal
. Streak of 5 losses: +2 pts
. Unexpected defeat: +2 pts


. Victory: -1pt
. Goal scored in added time: -1 pt
. Victory by 3 or more goals: -1 pt
. 5 or more goals scored: -1 pt from the 5th goal
. 5 win streak: -2 pts
. Unexpected victory: -2 pts

Lyon Auxerre: 2-1

Lyons: 0

There is something wonderful with Olympique Lyonnais. Even when he plays well, he wins 2-0 without much pressure, he is able to put himself in the hay all by himself. To take a goal against a corner by leading the score, and to offer 10 minutes of useless stress, it’s beautiful huh, it’s Lyonnais. We gracefully add a point for this scenario.

Auxerre: +1

After 2 victories including 1 clean sheet for Costil, we had to come back to reality. All great stories come to an end.

Strasbourg-Nantes: 1-1

Strasbourg: 0

The pass of 5 for the Alsatians. 5 games without a win. But this beautiful series passed within minutes of dying terribly. A superb collective torpor in defense which prevents sending a big brown in the ball to clear. We appreciate.

Nantes: 0

Don’t come and ask us why, but Nantes has this little smell of the perfect soft-tummy team this year. That’s good, they’re already squatting in tenth place.

Monaco-Troyes: 2-4

Monaco: + 3

If you are looking for a bit of logic in this cruel world, AS Monaco is clearly the club not to follow. After an epic match against PSG, they relied on a full-bodied referee like a ristretto to collapse in the rules of the art. Everything goes there, the red, the penalty, the hope and the final crucifixion. Strangely, we received fewer mentions last night. Go find out why.

Troyes: — 4

After 3 defeats in 3 games, Troyes were expected to be the expiatory victim of the whole of Ligue 1. They have since taken a dangerous turn, especially with this unexpected victory in Monaco. Another penalty point for Bruno Irles who humiliates his club forever.

Montpellier Ajaccio: 2 – 0

Montpelier: -1

After the Breton health walk last weekend, Montpellier had to confirm at home against what most resembles a 20th at the end of the season, Ajaccio. Just to put a little pressure on himself, Omlin releases his best Lopesesque outing. Without real consequence: a single shot on target, stopped by Mamadou Sakho. The best goalkeeper in the squad.

Ajaccio: +2

We often talk about the necessary adaptation when you arrive in a new team. For Romain Hamouma, it is undoubtedly a success. 4 yellows, 2 reds in 4 games. And 1 point for Ajaccio, red lantern.

Angers-Reims: 2-4

Angers: +4

In a certain anonymity, Angers managed a flamboyant start to the season. 2 points in 5 games, an average of 3 goals conceded per game, and last night, a superb defeat at home in Kopaico when they came back to 2-2 on the power play. Defeat at 11 against 10, it is obviously a reduction of 2 points generously offered by your federation.

Reims: -1

President Caillot’s rant paid off. 3 days after castigating the arbitration, the response was instantaneous. 2 yellows in 1 minute for Cadjus, with the goal going well on a free kick behind. With the cherry in the champagne just after: the expulsion of Oscar Garcia. But it all went off the rails from there, what a tragedy.

Lille-Nice: 1-2

Lille: +2

There is something jubilant in seeing a team scuttle themselves in this way. 18 shots at 3. Including 2 largely avoidable penalties to end up smashing endlessly on a Nice defense yet not grandiose. Come on, a bonus point at once.

Nice: -1

4 goals since the start of the championship, including 3 penalties. Not only does Nice have the sporting project of buying as many Lyonnais as possible, but they have also recovered their ancestral strategy.

Lens Lorient: 5-2

RC Lens: -3

The blood and gold tragedy continues. A polished game, a fiery attack, a public in harmony and worse still, an extension of Seko Fofana with the thrills that go with it. We cut before the end.

Lorient: +4

+1 for defeat
+1 for a 3-goal loss
+1 For 5 goals conceded
+1 for the goalkeeper’s filthy shirt.

Rennes Brest: 3 – 1

Rennes: -1

After a defeat against Lorient at home, Stade Rennais had to confirm its non-hegemony in Brittany. It’s a miss, with a goal in stoppage time. We still add a point because Montpellier scored 4 more goals anyway.

Brest: +2

5 games, 15 goals conceded. Ratio of 3 goals in the haversack per game. For comparison, Bordeaux finished with an average of 2.39. So you know where our eyes are now.

Toulouse Paris: 0 – 3

Toulouse: + 2

Stopping 10 shots and still eating a stinging 3-0. No one is fooled, Toulouse has suffered well as it should.

Paris: — 2

Beyond the Parisian victory, the revelation linked to last night’s match is to know that Juan Bernat is still in Paris.

Marseille Clermont: 1-0

Marseilles: 0

A victory and a missed penalty by Sanchez. A little more spice when choosing the shooter would have been welcome all the same.

Clermont: +1

3 shots only, of course. But 2 large family bars in 5 seconds. The mini heist was not far away.

The FFL classification of Ligue 1

1. Brest 7
1. Angers 7
3. Reims 6
3. Ajaccio 6
5.Monaco 5
6.Nice 4
6.Strasbourg 4
6.Lille 4
9. Reindeer 3
9. Auxerre 3
11. Nantes 1
11. Toulouse 1
11. Lorient 1
11. Troyes 1
15. Clermont -1
16. Lyons -3
17. Montpellier -4
18. Marseilles -5
19. Lens -7
20.PSG -11

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