Skeleton Concept, a French Haute Horlogerie workshop specializing in Haute Horlogerie and the customization of exceptional timepieces, is launching its new concept created for the champion of Cricket, the Indian batsman Virat Kohli.

The Virat Kohli Concept is an engineering marvel that took 18 months to complete

Based on a Rolex® Daytona 116520, Skeleton Concept spent 18 months creating it. And for good reason – they wanted to make it a true piece of cutting-edge engineering. From the first drawings to the final touches, the master watchmakers have brought together the best body of adjacent watchmaking professions. A Sapphire cutter – to create a C-shaped sapphire dial, and a team of goldsmiths to forge “positive” micro-engravings – which add so much texture, relief and personality to the timepiece. The bezel of the Virat Kohli Concept was also custom-designed. Made of titanium, it is black in color and micro-sandblasted to give it a textured look. The rendering is extremely fine and the harmony between the materials is breathtaking both visually and to the touch.
The movement of the timepiece is two-tone, with a dominant « Watchmaker’s Blue » corresponding to the navy blue that Kohli wanted, as well as a handmade 45° bevel of a sumptuous steel grey. The cutout of the movement has been scrupulously designed and cut to maximize the transparency of the skeleton of the timepiece.
Skeleton Concept’s master watchmakers have also textured the smaller mechanical components of the movement. They chose to bring out the watchmaker’s blue by tinting the crown and the balance wheels with 24-carat gold, as well as on the movement screws. In terms of craftsmanship, it is this extreme attention to detail that has prevailed and added so much sophistication and refinement to this custom timepiece. The hands of the original watch have been replaced with white colored hands highlighted in navy blue to complement the design of the underlying movement. The case of the watch has also been modified to follow the vintage codes of the Daytona while removing the crown guards. They hand brushed the caseback and polished the lugs to create that « mirror polished » effect for maximum luxury. In accordance with Virat Kohli’s request, the numbers 1 and 8 have been highlighted. The timepiece also comes with a second navy blue rubber strap that perfectly matches the color of the movement.

The watch exudes elegance and sophistication thanks to Skeleton Concept’s superior craftsmanship

Virat Kohli: “This customization is a real masterpiece. I couldn’t hope for a more captivating watch. My concept is harmonious and the extreme attention to detail that the master watchmakers demonstrated for my timepiece is something I have never seen before on such a small object. Skeleton Concept is part of the very limited list of Haute Horlogerie brands capable of this level of precision. I’m sure the Virat Kohli Concept will be hard to beat – I’m very proud to put my name to it. »

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