Le Kab Orléans, a new sports physiotherapy practice: get treatment like professionals

Get treated like the professionals! This is the credo of the new sports physiotherapy practice launched by Aurélie Vain, a physiotherapist from Orléans Loiret Basket for several years. At Kab Orléans (8B, rue du faubourg Madeleine), the aim is to mix « high-level athletes and non-professionals »explains Aurélie Vain. « We make available to amateurs what we put in place for professionals. »

Five physiotherapists will take part in the Kab Orléans adventure

Obviously, Aurélie Vain, who was also the physiotherapist for the French 3×3 basketball team recently, is not alone in this adventure. This real sports physiotherapy center will eventually bring together five physiotherapists. For now, there are already three: Aurélie Vain, so but also Farah Muarraphysical trainer physiotherapist (who also plays in Elite 2 in Tours in rugby) as well as Thomas Morice, the former physiotherapist of US Orléans football.

After nine months of work, the Kab Orléans has therefore recently opened and offers more than 200 square meters of surface area with individual boxes, a work area (proprioception, bodybuilding, cardio, etc.), a recovery area with cold bath, showers, changing rooms and waiting room. Patients can also do isokinetic testing on a machine that very accurately measures muscle strength.

The Orléans University School of Physio, a unique model in France, opens its doors to the public

Patient care from A to Z

To this must be added 150 square meters outdoors for shopping or whatever. Physiotherapists can also take their patients to the banks of the Loire, very close, for exercises in the open air. « We take care of the patient from A to Z », concludes Aurélie Vain. « The goal is to put them in a qualitative approach. »

And for the pleasure of the eyes, every two months, an ephemeral exhibition of local artists will be offered on the walls of the Kab. « To mix culture and sport. »

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Information on Facebook page: Le Kab Orleans. Instagram account: lekaborleans. Website: www.lekaborleans.fr.

Alban Gourgousse

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