[Le journal des Rookies] Week 2: receivers already essential

Every NFL Wednesday, the Rookie Diary honors the most prominent rookies. The best offensive beginner, his defensive alter ego, the action, the revelation of the week, the flop… And, to finish, the Power Rooking. Everything, you will know everything about the Rookies!

Offensive Rookie of the Week

Garrett Wilson – WR – New Yorks Jets (10th pick)
8 receptions, 102 yards, 2 touchdowns

The Jets have decided to surround Zach Wilson and it is Joe Flacco who benefits. Taking advantage of an already prolific connection, the duo played a very bad trick on the Browns. Already author of the equalizer at the start of the 2nd quarter time, the former student of Ohio State crucified the adversary at the very end of the match giving the victory to his team. A major performance and a 100-yard bar passed in his 2nd game. Promising for an attack from the Jets under construction.

Special mention: Drake London – WR – Atlanta Falcons (8th choice)

Another great outing for the rookie who scored his first touchdown and captured a 2-point conversion that put his team back in the game. London is emerging as the preferred target of Marcus Mariota and the number one aerial threat for the Falcons.

Defensive Rookie of the Week

Aidan Hutchinson – Edge – Detroit Lions (2nd pick)
6 tackles, 3 sacks

Discreet for his first professional game, the second draft pick reminded the Commanders why he was chosen second in the last draft. Untenable, he grounded Carson Wentz three times. Promising and satisfying for the sports strategy of the Lions who build their team around the lines.

action of the week

Jaylen Watson – CB – Chiefs (243rd pick)

With the leather on the 5 yards and the possibility of getting back in front of the score, the Chiefs were in a very bad position in the middle of the 4th quarter. That’s when cornerback Jaylen Watson popped up in front of Everett to cut the ball’s trajectory and go up the field to put his team back in front of the scoreboard and take a definitive advantage in the game.

Revelation of the week

Cobie Durant – CB – Los Angeles Rams (142nd pick)
2 tackles, 1 sack, 1 interception, 1 pass defended

When we talk about rookie, we never think of the Rams, yet even without a choice in the top 50 for ages, Les Snead knows how to find holders on the 3rd day. Last example, Cobie Durant. The cornerback from second-tier program South Carolina State has been ubiquitous in defense for the defending champions. He largely upset Marcus Mariota intercepting him at the end of the first half before putting him on the ground to force the punt on the way back from the locker room.

Flop of the week

Kyle Hamilton – S – Baltimore Ravens (14th pick)

Half flop but still. He’s not solely responsible for the Ravens’ last-quarter bust against the Dolphins, but Hamilton is heavily involved. Bad communication, bad coverage, and two touchdowns that put Miami back in the game. John Harbaugh was not kind to his squad.

“Simply bad coverage. You have to stay on top when you play safety. It’s three-way coverage, the guys knew that. said the Baltimore coach.

Offensive Power Rooking

1. Drake London – WR – Atlanta Falcons
2 matches – 13 receptions – 160 yards – 1 touchdown

2. Jahan Dotson – WR – Washington Commanders
2 matches – 7 receptions – 99 yards – 3 touchdowns

3. Garrett Wilson – WR – New York Jets
2 matches – 12 receptions – 154 yards – 2 touchdowns

4. Zion Johnson – OG – Los Angeles Chargers

5. Chris Olave – WR – New Orleans Saints
2 games – 8 receptions – 121 yards

Defensive Power Rooking

1. Devin Lloyd – LB – Jacksonville Jaguars
2 matches – 17 tackles – 1 interception – 2 passes defended

2. Travon Walker – DE – Jacksonville Jaguars
2 matches – 6 tackles – 1 sack – 1 interception

3. Aidan Hutchinson – Edge – Detroit Lions
2 matches – 7 tackles – 3 sacks

4. Derek Stingley – CB – Houston Texans
2 matches – 15 tackles – 3 passes defended

5. Gardner Sauce – BC – New York Jets
2 maches – 8 tackles – 2 passes defended

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