Le Graët invites Mbappé to stay in Ligue 1

Noël Le Graët, President of the French Football Federation (FFF), advised on RMC, Kylian Mbappé, 24-year-old striker, to stay at Paris Saint-Germain and in Ligue 1 and not set sail abroad.

“We played high-level matches, we have a great team, which is young, very young. Mbappé takes 4 penalties, he goes very fast and is very strong. He is the man of tomorrow, but even of today. I invite him to stay in Ligue 1”

This is not the first time that an important football personality has advised Mbappé to stay at Paris Saint-Germain. Since the end of the World Cup, rumors have risen again about a desire to leave the Parisian number 7. The soap opera is ready to resume, it feels, but what about the player’s desires? Does the press speculate in anticipation? Does she preach the false to have the true? There is no smoke without fire. The future of Mbappé is a sensitive subject which will certainly fuel the next few weeks at PSG.

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