Le Cateau-Cambrésis: the Gymvie association labeled « Quality sport health club »

The Catesian association has just been labeled « Quality club sport health ».

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The catesian association Gymvie has just been awarded the “Qualité club sport santé” label. This label, granted by the French Federation of Physical Education and Voluntary Gymnastics (FFEPGV), guarantees sports and health coaching, adapted to the expectations and abilities of the practitioners. A labeled club is also a place of information on good physical practices, lifestyle or dietetics. This label will also allow support for the club in its administrative and financial procedures, and the organization of exchange days.

 » This label is the guarantee of exemplary functioning in terms of organization, democracy, accessibility and quality in the areas of community life, sport and health. This labeling is the result of the work of an entire management team and its facilitator for health prevention and financial accessibility to all its members. “, rejoices the president, Hervé Théot.

new projects

Gymvie’s reputation is recognized for its specific courses and also for its constant innovation. Also, during this sports season, the association is considering new features (cardiofit, fitness move) for adults and young people with the introduction of the Pass’sport.  » To move is to live, so don’t stay alone and bring your friends from the start of the school year! “, concludes the president of the club, recalling that the courses are supervised by a state-certified professional.

Information on Gymvie: sites.google.com/view/association-gymvie. Tel: 06 76 14 17 49 or 07 81 34 25 81.

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