[Le bon numéro] # 50: Mike Singletary, the dominant bear

A player is recognizable by his style of play, his personality, his physique… but also his number. A sign of a strong attachment, players often keep the same number (if possible) when changing teams, and it sometimes becomes a communication tool.

During 99 episodes, we are going to talk about the best players by number in the NFL. With each time a holder and a replacement.

In this 50th episode, we start a dozen full of legendary linebackers.

Starter: Mike Singletary (LB, Chicago Bears 1981-92)

The 1980s Bears left their mark on the league with one of the best defenses in history. And the head of this defense was Mike Singletary, one of the greatest players in the history of the centenary franchise, including Walter Payton, Dick Butkus or Mike Dikta.

Already dominant at Baylor, he was also at the Bears where he will spend twelve seasons, missing only two games in total in his career. The statistical production is colossal, with 1,488 tackles in particular, in an NFL where the linebacker had a much stronger impact than today on the game.

In addition to the champion ring in 1985, individual awards prove the impact of the player. Twice defenseman of the year, he played 10 Pro Bowls and was selected 8 times for All Pro teams. There is no doubt about his starting place, the hall of famer being one of the best in history for his position.

Alternate: DD Lewis (LB, Dallas Cowboys 1968-81)

University legend in Mississippi State, DD Lewis took a long time to win over the Cowboys, who even hesitated to make him a center. Finally starting following the departure of Chuck Howley, he will become a symbol of the success of the Cowboys of the 70s.

Never Pro Bowler or All Pro, he will however have the opportunity to be the holder in this mythical dynasty and participate in 27 playoff matches, including 5 Super Bowls. He will eventually end with 2 rings and memorable performances such as his 2 interceptions in the conference final against the Rams. It is therefore not a star who is rewarded by replacing, but a loyal and useful soldier.

Notices: Dave Dalby (C), Ken Iman (C), Guy Morriss (C), Jeff Siemon (LB), Greg Brezina (LB), David Little (LB)

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