LaVar’s mind-blowing verbal demolition at LaMelo Ball


Never the last to create a buzz around his sons, Lavar Ball also knows how to be uncompromising towards them. A few years ago, he had also destroyed LaMelo after a match! The words spoken in front of the whole team are terrible …

If LaMelo and Lonzo Ball chart their course in the NBA, the first city being called to become a superstar, it is their father Lavar who does the work behind the scenes to create hype around them. The fifty-year-old will stop at nothing to present his sons as the future greats of the league, even if it means scratching some legends in the process. A few years ago, he even announced that he could crush Michael Jordan in 1-vs-1!

At the same time, he also took to television to publicize his offspring, as through the series Ball in the Family. This one also gave rise to a completely lunar sequence, a few years ago. While in JBA, a sort of alternative at the university level, LaMelo was kicked out after starting a fight with an opponent. Enough to blow a lead in Lavar, especially since his team had lost the match! So he rotted it in the locker room, after the final whistle (second slide):

Lavar to LaMelo Ball: « You dirty my name, you motherfucker »

You are a selfish dirty bastard. I told you we couldn’t answer like that. You, more than anyone, you let me down. You mess up my brand, you dirty my name. We don’t win because you pretended to fight. I said you got on my nerves for doing the wrong things over and over and over again. I thought you were supporting me. You don’t care about everyone on the team. You don’t care about winning. You care about yourself. It’s your fault you didn’t measure up.

In normal times, it would have been little wonder that the leader burst into tears, given the incendiary tirade of his father. It’s even worse when you know that it took place in front of all his teammates! And yet the good man remained unmoved, without trembling. Exactly the reaction his older child wanted to see, as he later confessed:

A lot of these kids, they don’t listen to what you’re saying. They listen the way you say it. So I try to make him cry.

Today at the Hornets, LaMelo shows the same coolness in hot moments, to the point of making Charlotte a candidate team for the playoffs! Like what, some lessons are better assimilated the hard way …

One thing is certain, playing under Lavar Ball should not have been a piece of cake, and even more so when you are his offspring. On the other hand, that’s enough to forge you a mind of steel!


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