Laurent Boissier, formerly of Nîmes, sports coordinator of Angers

Laurent Boissier, the former sports director of Nîmes, joins Angers as sports coordinator, alongside Patrice Girard, historic recruiter from Lyon, who becomes responsible for professional recruitment, announced Thursday the SCO of Angers. Aged 50, Laurent Boissier spent fifteen years in Nîmes, including five as sporting director of the Ligue 2 club, which had reached the elite in 2018. After a real-false start the following summer, he had been fired in the fall following a series of setbacks. Nîmes municipal councilor since 2020, he had recently resigned. For his part Patrice Girard, 55, had resigned from OL, of which he had been a recruiter since 1989 and where he had long worked with Gérald Baticle, the current Angevin coach.

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