Laurence Ferrari reveals why Pascal Praud refuses to host election evenings with her

On election nights, Laurence Ferrari has seen a few of them. The journalist who worked for TF1 was even one of the main actors in these television events by hosting several post-election results debates. And the companion of Renaud Capuçon also knows behind the scenes since she has even been at the heart of certain victories but also certain defeats.

Interviewed a few months ago by our colleagues from Télé 2 Semaines, the ex-companion of Thomas Hugues told how she was preparing and living the presidential campaign of 2022. The opportunity to remember certain memories for her, daughter of the former deputy-mayor of Aix-les-Bains. And for having closely rubbed shoulders with the political scene, Laurence Ferrari knows the price to pay. « I have vivid memories of evenings of victory, with the house full, flowers, people congratulating you… And evenings with the house empty, the telephone no longer ringing and the people who, on Mondays, when you accompany your father doing the shopping, changing the sidewalk so as not to greet. Politics is even more violent than television!‘, says the CNews journalist.

If the former presenter of the 20 hours of TF1 today animates the electoral evenings of the chain in the company of Sonia Mabrouk, she however regrets the absence of another figure, that of Pascal Praud. « Why does Pascal Praud not participate in CNews election evenings?« , asked Sarah Lecoeuvre, journalist of Buzz Tv Mag for Le Figaro. « Because he doesn’t want to. He tells me that a lot because we work together every day and he repeats it to me: ‘I’m not in my place. I have another place on the channel, I have my freedom of tone, I have my columnists. You and Sonia (Mabrouk) do it very well, you are wonderful. « I would have loved to do it with him but he doesn’t want to, he’s stubborn but he’s talented.“, she explained.

Thibaud Cruz

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