Laurence Ferrari reassured by Philippe Juvin’s mask on CNews (VIDEO)

This Monday morning, Laurence Ferrari received Philippe Juvin on his set on CNews. The politician made the choice to answer the masked interview and he explains why.

A real mess. Health protocols are constantly evolving to adapt to the health crisis. Since the start of the school year on January 3, parents must follow strict rules to be able to bring their child back to school safely by performing tests. « several days apart ». A new rule which has consequences for pharmacies and laboratories which have been taken by storm for a week. Shortages of tests are more and more frequent and the delays of the results longer. To overcome this problem, the isolation and testing of contaminated people and contact cases have been redesigned. But for Philippe Juvin, ally of Valérie Pécresse, certain measures are absurd.

« I’m coming out of seven days of isolation »

This morning, the mayor of Garenne-Colombes was invited by Laurence Ferrari on CNews. The reporter was surprised to see her guest wearing the mask live and she couldn’t avoid asking him about it. « I am masked because I am coming out of seven days of isolation. I caught the Covid. Fortunately, not a serious form because I am vaccinated, but it still shakes « , explained Philippe Juvin: « I’m glad to be with you because this is the first time that I have stepped outside for 7 days« .

Philippe Juvin suspicious of the new rules

Is Philippe Juvin sure he is no longer contaminated? There is the question. “You know the new government regulations are that after seven days you come out, you break your isolation and you don’t test yourself anymore. It’s based on pretty weak data, we do not know the length of the contagiousness of Omicron (…) Many recommendations today are not based on science « , explained Philippe Juvin, who prefers to wear the mask a few more days to avoid any contamination. Attention hailed by Laurence Ferrari: « Please wear your mask to avoid me Omicron. »

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