Larsa Pippen’s photo for Thanksgiving!

This Thursday, Americans celebrated Thanksgiving, one of the most popular holidays across the Atlantic. The occasion ideal for families to get together and get on their best. That’s what Larsa Pippen did, and she shared part of her day with the internet.

If there’s one holiday that Americans cherish, maybe even more than Christmas, it’s Thanksgiving. Indeed, the 4th Thursday of November marks this celebration placed under the sign of sharing and food. Moreover, it is an event so sacred that the big sports leagues are put on hiatus, except the NFL which schedules matches with the historical teams, and in particular the Cowboys, also called “America’s team”.

And while these athletes give their all on the pitch, families come together for a huge feast. This was for example the case of Larsa Pippen who, even if she knows a personal situation complicated with the divorce of Scottie Pippen and his supposed adventures with young players, put on her 31 to celebrate this special day.

Larsa Pippen on her 31 for Thanksgiving

Remember to say the prayer

Happy Thanksgiving, I send you lots of love

In a small group if we are to believe the size of the dining table, Larsa Pippen did not forget to greet his many subscribers and spread love for this holiday based on altruism. But that’s not all, since she didn’t hesitate to promote Black Friday on her partner site either. Business is business, even during the holiday season.

Pink Friday! There is 60% off the entire Pretty Littler Thing site!

Larse Pippen obviously had a good Thanksgiving Thursday, although it is very difficult to know who she was with. Scottie Pippen was he invited despite their separation? It is not unlikely on such a special day.

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