Larsa Pippen knocked out by a former Laker: « It’s a cockroach »


Larsa Pippen is very involved in the NBA microcosm, and not just because she is the mother of a young Lakers player. She also went out with a former member of the franchise, and the latter obviously does not have a great memory of it. The proof with this new lunar nickname.

The reputation of Larsa Pippen in the NBA world is not necessarily the most flattering. Known to be a man-eater, she has had quite a high profile relationship since her separation from Scottie. For example, everyone knows that she rubbed shoulders with the rapper Future and that she even dipped into the finances of the legend of the Bulls to charter him private jets!

Then before getting in a relationship with Marcus Jordan, with whom love is seriously beginning to settle, she also went out with Malik Beasley, a famous role player in the league. The funniest thing is that the latter has just spent the season at the Lakers with… Scotty Pippen Jr., who is none other than the son of his ex! The atmosphere must have been unique in the locker room.

Malik Beasley turns on Larsa Pippen!

To return to Malik Beasley, there is no doubt that he regrets his relationship with this woman who was almost twice his age at the time of the events. Moreover, he made it quite clear during a live Instagram, since he did not hesitate to insult him quite seriously following the question of a user. He had no choice anyway, his wife listened attentively.

Malik Beasley: My wife is the answer! Never ask that question again kid! They asked a stupid question. They asked who won a 1 on 1 between you and the cockroach. She’s my wife, every day. Basketball, fighting, whatever. They don’t know my baby!

Montana Yao: They do not know !

At the Beasleys, Larsa Pippen is now nicknamed « the cockroach », which is far from gratifying for her. It must be said that his adventure with Malik almost broke up a family who had just welcomed a child, it is not glorious. It is also the latter’s wife who had to impose this absolutely crazy nickname, and who could stay after this live.

If Larsa Pippen is not necessarily innocent in this case, the main responsible remains Malik Beasley… No one pushed him into the sheets of celebrity when he had just had a child with his girlfriend.


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