Larrazet. Football: and two in the Coupe de France

Winner of Mas-Grenier (one division above) in the first round, the pennant team of the Entente Larrazet / Garganvillar carried high the colors of the club dear to Francis Bessou and Jean-Claude Filipe.

The second round of the Coupe de France football saw the locals face off against the regional 2 team (two divisions above) from Grisolles. Yoann Rey opened the scoring in the first quarter of an hour of play with a superb sequence following a free kick. The visitors equalized a few minutes later and took the lead early in the second half.

The locals set the record straight with a penalty from the same Yoann Rey and took the advantage in the last quarter of an hour with Alassane succeeding in speeding up the opposing rear and concluding his action in front of the goalkeeper’s cage from Grisons.

The very good refereeing allowed decent play throughout the ninety minutes.

For the third round of this Coupe de France, the national 3 clubs enter the scene but in the end, it will be Fleurance, another regional 2 club which will face the locals, on September 19 at 3 p.m., at the Larrazet stadium.

The stands will undoubtedly be even better filled than the two previous laps to support the forward march noticed by the sports press.

Never two without three !

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