Language stays: why they are also for adults

Getting in tune with the job market

Whether you are an employee, business manager or self-employed, mastering English is essential today in certain sectors, such as tourism, sales or catering. As the labor market is increasingly globalized, speaking this language fluently, or at least being comfortable with it, turns out to be a considerable asset on a CV.

A language trip to England or any other English-speaking country is therefore an opportunity to progress, whether you are starting from scratch or already have the basics. And if you are specialized in a field, nothing prevents you from asking your teachers to deepen a vocabulary that will be more specific and that will serve you throughout your professional career. The idea remains that by taking courses and enjoying total immersion in the UK, you will progress faster. You should also know that employees can use their personal training account (CPF) to finance the cost of an adult language course.

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Language stays suitable for all ages

Today, there are language stays suitable for all ages. Teenagers, students, active or retired, everyone will find what they are looking for. You can therefore easily turn to the formula corresponding to your expectations, as well as your objectives.

For example, some will choose to prepare recognized language diplomas, such as the TOEIC or the TOEFL. Others, closer to retirement, will prefer to opt for holidays combining tourism and learning. Groups of levels are carried out in order to allow everyone to progress at their own pace.

As for accommodation, everything will depend on individual tastes. Indeed, some organizations will offer stays with host families, while others will promote apartments or residential accommodation. Solutions that can correspond to adults and allow them to better immerse themselves in the local culture.

Where to do a language stay when you are an adult?

Of course, it is now possible to go to multiple countries on the occasion of a language trip. The choice to which you decide to turn will depend on the language you wish to deepen, but also on your tastes. For example, multiple destinations can be chosen for English.

England, first of all, but also the United States, Ireland or even Canada and Australia. The final choice will also depend on the time you can devote to this type of stay. This will make it easier to dedicate a week to learning English when going to the UK. On the contrary, you could decide to leave for three weeks across the Atlantic. A great opportunity to discover a new country and combine work with tourism.

Why go through an organization for a language stay?

When you are an adult, it is not always easy to rely on someone to organize a language stay. However, if you do not have the opportunity to leave to immerse yourself or you do not have time to organize your trip, going through a language travel organization can only be beneficial. By opting for this solution, you will not have to worry about booking accommodation or transport. Indeed, professionals will organize your stay from A to Z and will also provide supervision once there. They will also be able to offer you a formula adapted to your expectations and your level. If necessary, a hotline is usually provided. You can therefore easily reach a manager if you encounter a problem during your stay. Also remember to check that the organization is well accredited for all the essential standards, NF being a reference.

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In conclusion

Doing a language course when you are an adult is therefore something that is entirely possible. This will allow you to deepen your English skills, which will be a considerable asset on your CV. But to progress faster, you will obviously have to show motivation and good will. These two points are the key to progress, especially if you are a beginner. And for those who already have a good level of language and are afraid of not improving enough, don’t panic. At a certain level, progress becomes slower, the subtleties of the language being then more complex to assimilate. Learning English is therefore not linear and takes place in stages. It is therefore necessary to question yourself and to be patient in order to then move forward. Finally, although it is not always easy to find yourself face to face with a teacher when you are 35 or 50 years old, going on a language trip is an opportunity to exchange ideas and make new discoveries.



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