LaMelo Ball caught trying his luck with a supermodel


Young Charlotte Hornets NBA star LaMelo Ball took an Instagram shot with celebrity DJ and model Chantel Jeffries

Hannah Foslien / @chanteljeffries

Ultra-uninhibited on the floors as a rookie, LaMelo Ball is just as much in the private sphere. The young Hornets star has again launched a flirting maneuver with a famous model on his favorite field … Instagram!

If there is one aspect of his temper that he was able to demonstrate in his first season in the NBA, it is his fearlessness. Arrived in the league with confidence in good shape, LaMelo Ball quickly illuminated the floors. His Hornets team has obviously benefited, she who has long applied for a direct qualification in the playoffs.

In the end, the young troops of James Borrego had to be satisfied with a participation in the play-in. A nice learning method, including for the 19-year-old leader. In any case, the latter did not need lessons to familiarize himself with his new notoriety, since he took full advantage of it with… the female population.

The youngest of the Ball siblings was indeed regularly displayed with companions as diverse as they are known. The latest rumors linked him for example to … a famous pornstar. But since this romance does not seem to have lasted forever, the rookie has set his sights on a new target with well-established fame on the web: Chantel Jeffries.

(credit: Egotastics Sports / DR)

DJ and model in her spare time, the 28-year-old has no less than 4.7 million subscribers on Instagram. It is on this platform that Melo tried to stand out in his eyes, with two simple emojis sent during one of his lives. We must therefore believe that he put in the closet his previous technique of seduction … doubtful.

The great hope of Charlotte is in any case kept abreast of the news people in view of its timing. Jeffries would indeed have broken up with her boyfriend, Drew Taggart, in early April. He therefore wasted no time in trying to conquer her in his turn. In view of her results with an even older influencer, this amazing method could pay off.

Still a candidate for the title of Rookie of the Year, LaMelo Ball clearly wishes to celebrate his potential coronation in the arms of Chantel Jeffries. It’s a way of giving yourself two rewards for the price of one.


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