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The ultra-luxury and ultra-sport brands no longer seem to touch the ground. Sales do not stop growing despite a failing geopolitical situation. They even dare to play the big arms between them to find out who has the biggest one. So like a response from the shepherd to the shepherdess, here is the Lamborghini releases an ultimate version of its SUV, theUrus Performance. It is built to meet Aston Martin and its DBX 707.

Urus Performance: technical

Strangely enough, the Lambo can’t match the cavalry of theAston. She is « happy » to develop 666 nags of her V8 4.0 biturbo, while the British SUV offers 707.
That said, the engineers have worked on another axis, which is just as important, mass. Lamborghini announces a weight reduction of 47 kg. In fact, this Urus Performante sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds. The top speed passed the legendary 300 mark to stabilize at 306 km/h.
The bull, discreet as it is, will vocalize through an Akrapovič titanium sports exhaust.

To curb this Norman cabinet of almost 2,150 tons, Lamborghini provided the means. The designers laid out 440mm diameter, 40mm thick carbon-ceramic discs gripped by 10-piston fixed monobloc calipers at the front. At the rear they offer discs 370 mm in diameter and 30 mm thick. They are pinched by single-piston calipers at the rear. Braking power that also counts on the huge 22-inch wheels fitted with Pirelli P Zero in 285/40 at the front and 325/35 at the rear. The technical changes don’t stop here. Lamborghini widened the tracks by 16mm and revised the suspension by lowering it by 20mm.

Urus Performante: vulgar

This Urus Performance gains in lightness and style thanks to many carbon parts. We find materials to build the hood which sports large openings to ventilate the V8. The front bumper is also original and more openwork. It generates side air curtains to optimize its aerodynamics. The splitter is also made of carbon, as are the wheel arches, the roof and the spoiler. The latter is larger and increases downforce on the rear axle by 38%. For looks, the customer can opt for a black bonnet, roof and spoiler with or without visible carbon fiber.

The cockpit is not left out with an Alcantara finish with hexagonal patterns on the seats. Also included are black anodized aluminum accents and a sports leather and Alcantara steering wheel.
Dark Package is the big novelty of theUrus Performance. It offers various controls, buttons and switches in matte black finish. Of course, the customer can also choose from an infinite range of colors and materials for the interior trim via the Ad Personam service.

For equipment, theUrus Performance add to theBasic Urus of the endowment takes over that of the normal Urus, but adds specific driving modes to it. The Rally mode « which takes the driving pleasure of the Super SUV to a higher level on dirt tracks » thanks to amplified oversteer via the anti-roll systems and optimized « steel » springs. Corsa mode offers more efficient track operation. It was this that allowed the Italian SUV to take the record on Pikes Peak with a time of 10:32.064.

Who doesn’t want my Urus Performante?

the price of the delusional of this Lamborghini Urus Performante is €218,487. The first deliveries will take place at the end of 2022.

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