Lamborghini to the rescue of the Apple Car Shuttle

Started 9 years ago, the Apple car project seemed to have taken a turn for the worse. According to the latest news, an autonomous shuttle will arrive on the market in 2025. The development of the chassis of this car without a steering wheel has been entrusted to an expert from Lamborghini!

Like a sea serpent, the car concocted by the brand adorned with an apple often returns to the front of the stage. This time, a deadline has been brought forward: 2025. But it will no longer be a car strictly speaking, it will be more of a large shuttle equipped with level 5 autonomous driving, that is to say the highest level. for which there is no longer any need for a driver on board. This is why do not expect to find any steering wheel on board the machine. The historic car manufacturers are reassured, there will be no head-on competition from Apple. However, the development of its chassis will not be relegated to the background. The former head officiating at Lamborghini, Luigi Taraborrelli has been poached. The Italian engineer with 20 years of experience within the bull brand will be in charge of putting on track the autonomous vehicle known internally as the Titan project.

Apple Car: first a driverless taxi?

Since the summer of 2022, Cruise Company's Chevrolet Bolts have been offering driverless taxi service in San Francisco.
Since the summer of 2022, Cruise Company’s Chevrolet Bolts have been offering driverless taxi service in San Francisco.© DR

Launched in 2013, the Apple Car won’t quite be on sale in 3 years. At this time, it will be more of a test vehicle with the possibility of offering an autonomous driverless taxi service, like the one Tesla plans to launch in 2024. General Motors got the ball rolling from this summer in San Francisco, Calif., with its Chevrolet Bolts operated through its Cruise subsidiary. At the same time, Apple has just unveiled the latest generation of the CarPlay software package, which logically allows users to enjoy their music on board, but also to operate more advanced vehicle functions such as adjusting the air conditioning or viewing the energy level. of the battery or the fuel level in the case of a thermal vehicle.

The beautiful window

A showcase for Apple, which hopes to impose this technology on manufacturers by getting more involved in the advanced development of their vehicles. Apple promises them large-scale savings. On the other hand, in order not to go it alone and fully bear the heavy development and manufacturing costs of its future vehicle, Apple has approached the Korean manufacturer Hyundai. Another ally who will come to the rescue, the Taiwanese company Foxconn which, among other things, assembles the iPhone. A synergy that will not be too much to thwart the plans of other phone manufacturers such as Huawei, Sony or Xiaomi who also intend to embark on the adventure of the driverless car.

Published on 01/09/2022 Updated 01/09/2022

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