Lamborghini registers the name Revuelto. What is it about ?


Lamborghini has just registered the name “Revuelto”. Could it be an all-new electric model? We take stock.

It’s been a while since Lamborghini has given us a totally new model, since the arrival of the Urus in 2018. Admittedly, we have had many variations of existing models, as well as a very beautiful surprise with the revival of the Countach, but no large-scale novelty capable of revolutionizing the range. But that could soon change, while the brand, like the vast majority of manufacturers today, wants to turn to electric. Is a new trendy model in preparation? Everything suggests that yes, and the filing of a brand new name with theeuropean union office for intellectual property could confirm these rumors.

A new model to come?

Indeed, the Italian firm would have filed on May 25 a new name  » Revuelto“. This one, which means “unruly” in particular, is not inspired by the name of a bull, as is usually the case with Lamborghini. If the firm has not given information about this potential future model, our colleagues from CarBuzz have investigated. And the latter noticed that the name was registered in the categories “9, 12, 25 and 28”. If the last two relate to goods related to the automobile, the others are more astonishing.

Would it be electric?

Indeed, classes 9 and 12 concerning in particular  » electric batteries for powering electric vehicles“, as well as all zero-emission vehicles as a whole. No doubt, this future Lamborghini Revuelto should therefore be an electric sports car. But it will be necessary to be patient before knowing more, when it should not arrive before 2025.

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