Lamborghini production sold until 2024

L’insolent health of the prestige automobile in a sluggish economic context is confirmed. After a year 2021 marked by sales records for Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and already Lamborghini, 2022 seems to be following the same trend. This is explained by the fact that these brands suffer little from the shortage because they exclusively supply themselves with top-of-the-range components and for much smaller volumes than the large generalist manufacturers, and because the wealthy clientele who buy these luxury cars is not affected by the crisis.

32% operating margin

« We have very strong demand and currently the order book exceeds 18 months, » Lamborghini boss Stephan Winkelmann explained in an interview, after a record first half both on the sales side and on the production side. the profitability. At a time when the global economy is suffering from the consequences of the war in Ukraine, wealthy customers remain loyal to the car manufacturer, owned by the German Volkswagen group. « We have more and more people coming to Lamborghini », and the number of customers « is not our concern » as long as « the world economy remains more or less stable », explains the director. The operating margin reached 32% over the first six months, according to results published in early August, with an operating profit of 425 million euros for 5,090 cars sold. In this luxury category, Ferrari also posted record results in the second quarter and revised upwards the annual forecast, with order intake at its highest.

A hybrid range from 2024

Like the entire Volkswagen group, Lamborghini is committed to the electrification of its range, with more than 1.5 billion euros of investment. The manufacturer promises a hybrid version for each of its models by 2024 and a first fully electric Lamborghini « during the second half of the decade ». « It’s already a lot to switch to the hybrid for the whole range » in this period, noted Mr. Winkelmann. “We are already doing as much as possible, and moving as quickly as possible. »

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