Lamborghini plays the card of patience with electric cars

By 2035 car manufacturers wanting to sell new cars in Europe will have to offer only electric models. If this recent decision by the European Commission has caused a lot of ink to flow on the old continent, it is because not everyone adheres with the same conviction to the ecological wishes of Brussels.

This is particularly the case for luxury brands, which are very attached to sports cars. Among them, some are more open to change than others. But for Lamborghini, the electric car is still a distant project. The Italian brand, which today belongs to the Volkswagen group, knows very well that one day or another it will produce a car without a single drop of gasoline inside.

Lamborghini wants to give sustainable fuels a chance

But the longer she can wait, the better. According to the big boss of the brand, Stephan Winkelmann Lamborghini prefers to “wait and watch”. In particular, he hopes that organic and eco-responsible fuels will yield results.

For the moment it is the Stuttgart firm, Porsche, also owned by Volkswagen, which is testing these new fuels. Meanwhile Winkelmann said “not being able to imagine Lamborghini producing only electric cars”. That’s not to say the brand won’t, but the heart won’t be put to work.

While Lamborghini’s neighbour, Ferrari, the brand’s historic competitor, is preparing the very first electric car in its history, research is not at the same level at Lambo and the impression of « missing the train running” does not seem to bother the management of the Italian luxury brand. Let’s hope for the financial health of this company that Winkelmann knows what he’s doing.

In a recent speech, the boss of the firm explained that he had until 2036 to offer new 100% electric cars to his customers. According to him, time is not pressing and Lamborghini can continue to produce thermal cars for a few more years, leaving the market to develop.

Volkswagen and Lamborghini: two opposing visions

It is nevertheless quite paradoxical to see how much Lamborghini, which nevertheless belongs to the Volkswagen group, has a different vision of the same thing as the parent company. Indeed, among the Germans, everyone has faith in the electric car. The dieselgate is finally over and the brand wants to keep its place of choice in the world market, while the Japanese are taking up more and more space.

The choice of electric is therefore mandatory. To succeed in its transition, the German group, which includes brands such as Audi, Skoda and Seat, will inject more than 100 billion dollars in the years to come. A mad sum, at the antipodes of the ideas of Winkelmann.

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