Lamborghini earns 425 million euros in profit

In a context of major economic instability on a global level, the legendary Lamborghini sports team is recording record, astonishing and almost insolent growth.

The Italian brand of supercars, in fact, seems to evolve on a small cloud since the beginning of the year. The subsidiary of the Volkswagen group achieved a first half of 2022 of all superlatives. Results embodied in particular by an operating margin that would have reached 32%. It adds that it closed the financial year with an operating profit of 425 million euros for 5,090 cars distributed. This corresponds to approximately 84,000 euros of profit per unit…

All current production pre-sold until 2024

At the same time, the boss announces another good news for the sign badged with the golden bull. At this stage, Lamborghini would indeed have pre-sold all of its production until the beginning of 2024. “ We have a very strong demand and currently the order book exceeds 18 months says Stephan Winkelmann. If the latter explains that the number of customers is not the concern of the brand”he is nonetheless pleased that “ more and more people come to Lamborghini. »

Remember that the current Lamborghini catalog only has three models in its ranks, but what models! Luxury and hyper-sportiness across the entire range: the Aventador with its V12 engine, the Hurican with its V10 and the Urus SUV, the latest addition to the band (in 2018) with its biturbo V8. The brand’s new best-seller does not intend to rest on its laurels, since it appeared a few days ago in an unprecedented Performance version promising its wealthy riders some 666 horsepower under the pedal…

With such a competitive and ultimately profitable paddock, we imagine that Lamborghini can look to the future rather calmly. The opportunity to confirm a move to electric even..? Yes, definitely. At least that’s what Stephan Winkelman promises. It announces indeed hybrid variants for each of the three models for 2024, and a first 100% electric racing car by 2030.

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