Lamborghini dealership robbed in Chicago

Car dealerships are not immune to theft and burglary. In Chicago, while it was still daylight, two thieves broke into a Lamborghini dealership. The first carried a weapon and watched the entrance, while the second was equipped with a hammer in order to break the window of a counter.

The two criminals did not commit this misdemeanor to seize the cars exhibited within the dealership, but to steal luxury watches « worth millions » of dollars according to the Dailymail. The most incredible thing is that the theft took place when a dozen people were inside the concession, but that did not prevent the two robbers from committing their theft.

The operation lasted only about twenty seconds, the employees ran unsuccessfully after the thieves to catch them: « We ran after them down Chestnut, down to State Street, and then they split up », Joe Abbas, co-owner of the concession, told ABC 7. The worst was avoided since neither the thieves nor the employees of the concession used their weapon. Now it’s the police’s turn to investigate to track down the thieves and get their hands on the loot.

For its part, the Gold Coast concession asks city officials to take measures to combat banditry. With 11,865 cases, thefts are up 5% as of December 5, 2021, says the British newspaper, and murders are up 4% compared to last year.

The owner of the concession Joe Perillo announces having to close the doors to the public, even during the day, and that visits will only be by appointment. He also threatens to permanently close his business, and to open a new dealership in the suburbs, a place deemed calmer.

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