Lamborghini Countach, the hypercar makes its transition

So, yes of course, this super manly car has a legendary surname… Exclusive, beautiful, only 112 units are produced…

But of course also, its price is out of the ordinary, absolutely crazy: more than 2.3 million euros… Is this well justified? Lamborghini has long understood, like many others, how to make money without spending too much.

Because if it brings some new technical solutions, it is only based on the already old base of the Aventador. One more. His surname alone saves a lot of things, his performance, fortunately too, but the next generation of hyper car from the Combat Bull will, no doubt, be much more elaborate.

The new Countach is the work of Mitja Borkert, the style boss of the Italian house… He knew how to give a lot of modernity to his new muse, without forgetting a few historical reminders, such as the hexagonal surround of the wheels or the periscope of the roof… But he had to design his model on the Aventador platform, lowered by 10mm, and distill his lines around the V12 associated with an electric motor…

The hybrid system is actually seen on the Sian. But the soul of the athlete has not changed. Its twelve-cylinder is there, solidly inked, the third in the development of engine generations at Lamborghini. A V12 that still stands the test of time, like at Ferrari, Aston or Mercedes AMG… But its operation is resolutely associated with a unique hybrid device.

This device is quite convincing, but is of interest here only to provide additional performance. This system offers three times more power than a lithium ion battery of the same weight. There is no ability to charge when stationary or to drive purely electric with limited range. This will come on the future big sports model.

Perf side: we are in the hard! Finally way of speaking since the Countach swallows the 0 to 100 in 2.8 s and would touch the stars at the stratospheric speed of 355 km / h.

The handover is done… After Ferrari McLaren, Lamborghini will have to adapt to the change imposed by the times, the era of electrification. We should be informed very quickly about the technology of the future bull which will come in 2023.

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