Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4: Electrified Bull

Forever, the Countach contributed, half a century ago, to transforming the Ferruccio brand. A mechanical symbol that anchored Lamborghini in the era of virility, performance, the aeronautical spirit and a form of bestiality, thanks to the V12 which, so far, has never been abandoned. The Countach is 50 years old. A little more today. And to ensure the durability of the brand, towards the creation of a new generation of electrified racing cars, Lamborghini has once again used its favorite Taurus, at least its surname, the starting point for a new fighting race, hybrid this one, by imagining a new Countach, named LPI 800-4.

So, yes of course, this new Countach, virile and impressive, wears a legendary surname… Exclusive, beautiful, only 112 copies are produced. This very small limited series including the mythical V12 is now associated with an electric motoritself powered by a super capacitor, an unprecedented technique, opens a new path in hypercar performance.

2.3 million euros per unit

But of course also, its price is out of the ordinary, absolutely crazy: more than 2.3 million euros… Absolute excess. Yet scarcity always creates inaccessibility. So the dream. Is this really justified? Lamborghini has long understood, like many others, how to make money without spending too much. Because if it brings some new technical solutions, it only rests on the already old base of the Aventadorfirst launched in 2011.

The hypercar has never stopped evolving, and giving. Giving others its technical basis for the design of extremely rare models: Veneno, Centenario, Sian… and today Countach: His surname alone saves a lot of things, his performance, fortunately too, but the next generation of the Taurus Combat hypercar will undoubtedly be much more elaborate.

First, it’s not a plug-in hybrid. It does not offer, like some rivals at Ferrari (SF90) or McLaren, the possibility of running 100% on electricity with limited autonomy. The electrical exploitation intervenes here only to improve the performances. A big e-Boost placed between the box and the engine. It comes in addition to the 780 horsepower offered by the naturally aspirated 6.5-litre V12. His contribution? 34 horses. Bringing the Countach’s combined horsepower to 814 total horsepower. If we can imagine for the moment some delay at Lamborghini on the development of rechargeable hybridization, the manufacturer has at least opted for a new solution.

Lamborghini Countach, the hypercar makes its transition – TURBO test of 04/09/2022

Super Capacitor

Its 48 volt super capacitor does not use a conventional Lithium Ion battery, but it creates instant electrical power peaks over a very short period of time. The system is also symmetrical since it allows charging as fast as it discharges. A way to offer 3 times more instantaneous power than a lithium battery of the same weight. This hybrid system, in fact seen on the Sian, weighs only 34 kilos for a power of 34 horsepower. 1 horse per kilo. A contained overall weight, because the car weighs a total of only 1595 kg. A mass almost similar to an Aventador.

This device is quite convincing. But at this date, however, no one knows if this interesting technology will continue in the future Aventador, since the very experienced Technical Director, Maurizio Reggiani, has recently been replaced by a German engineer. Work stopped? Maybe, or not. We’ll see. At least this technology doesn’t alter the soul and performance of this incredible sports car, 10mm lower than an Aventador.

Its twelve-cylinder is there, solidly inked, and remains the boss in the excessive energy of the Countach. A V12 that still stands the test of time, like at Ferrari, Aston or Mercedes AMG, the third in the development of engine generations at Lamborghini. Proof of this are the velocity values: 2.8s for 100 km/h, 8.7s for 200 km/h… And the Countach would touch the stars at a stratospheric speed of 355 km/h.

Successful design. Deal

The new sports car is the work of Mitja Borkert, the style boss of the Italian house… The exercise seemed insurmountable. How to replace Myth? He was able to give a lot of modernity to his new muse, without forgetting a few historical reminders, such as the hexagonal surround of the wheels or the periscope of the roof… But he obviously had to design his model on the Aventador platform and distilling its lines around the V12 associated with this electric motor… a few constraints which did not prevent it from succeeding in its bet. She is phenomenal! Totally subjective opinion. Without taking any risks.

Hot to Hold… Mighty Fighting Bull

To drive, we are immediately reassured. The electrical intake does not hinder the virility and bestiality of the Lamborghini. They are even the constants of this hyper sports car. The Countach is not easy to master. You have to work. It’s a Lambo. No doubt.

Combined hybrid power seems limitless. Taurus has arguments. The sound of the V12 resonates strongly in the cabin but you have to listen carefully to hear the whistle of the electric motor when it plays its role. Little or no sound intrusion. It must be admitted that it is instantaneous and short. But what a display of power! The accelerations are dazzling. Torque has increased, of course, to 720 Nm, and top revs peak at 8,500 rpm.

The fiery 814 horses give a new rhythm, which must be maintained if not let go of the reins… We could have unpleasant surprises. Fortunately, the Countach retains all the technical development that has allowed the Aventador to make great progress over the years: 4 wheel drive and steering, sport differential, intelligent electronics on traction, active suspensions, the whole masters to perfection the rapid supports well supported by a high-quality pneumatic grip. My ! The beast runs strong!

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