Lamborghini case: dismantling of a network trafficking false documents

By Hassan Benadad on 08/23/2022 at 11:40 p.m. (updated on 08/24/2022 at 00:03 a.m.)

Kiosk360. The accident caused by the driver of a Lamborghini in Mdiq has not finished revealing its secrets. The investigation revealed the existence of a car salesman who runs a network for trafficking false documents. This article is a press review of the daily Assabah.


The traffic accident, which happened 10 days ago in Mdiq and where the driver of a luxury car (Lamborghini) crashed into a taxi, causing serious injuries to its occupants, has not finished reveal its secrets. The daily Assabah reports, in its edition of Wednesday August 24, that the police have arrested the son of a billionaire, a car salesman, the driver of the car responsible for the accident, as well as an individual who claimed to be the driver at the time of the accident. A French national is also prosecuted in a state of provisional release while a doctor, who had drawn up a medical certificate of convenience, is the subject of a notice of search.

The facts date back to Sunday August 14, when the driver of the Lamborghini and his wife (French national) hit the taxi and fled. The driver later informed the friend who had lent him the car. A few hours later, a man came to the police station to say he was the one driving the car at the time of the accident. But the investigators did not believe his version, as it contained so many contradictions. He ended up admitting that it was not him who was driving at the time and that it was his boss, a car salesman, who had asked him to lie. Summoned, the latter ended up disclosing the name of the real author of the accident, a Moroccan living abroad to whom he had lent the car. Which car belongs to the son of a billionaire living in Casablanca.

Assabah points out that the police investigations made it possible to locate the driver and his wife before arresting them. During the hearing of the MRE, the investigators found in his possession a medical certificate with a 25-day ITT issued by a doctor practicing in Casablanca. However, the technical investigations (location of the telephone) showed that the miscause had not left the province of Tetouan since the date of the accident. Faced with this evidence, the MRE could only admit that the car salesman had provided him with this medical certificate issued by a Casablancan doctor. The latter admitted that he had sent, via WhatsApp, a photocopy of the CIN of the MRE to the doctor who issued him a medical certificate bearing the letterhead of a known clinic in Casablanca.

The investigators went to this clinic where they questioned its managers who confirmed that they had never welcomed the respondent. The police then issued a wanted notice against the doctor who issued a medical certificate of convenience to a patient whom he did not consult.

The investigation took another turn when investigators discovered that the documents of the imported luxury car were falsified. The investigations will later reveal that it was a network of trafficking in second-hand imported cars in which companies are involved which issued documents to buyers intended to pass these vehicles off as new cars.

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