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Cedric Pinatel on 08/08/2022

After more than a decade spent making everyone dream, the Lamborghini Aventador gives us its swan song in its aptly named Ultimae version. May the future of the brand be as exciting as this incarnation of absolute automotive fantasy!

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Let’s never stop dreaming

Geneva Motor Show 2011. Lamborghini finally lifts the veil on its new big sports car. After a Murcielago unanimously acclaimed for its sculptural beauty and its performance, the Italian manufacturer manages to do even more with its new Aventador. Not only does it beat the Ferrari 599 GTO of the era in power thanks to a new naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12 developing 700 horsepower, but it also boasts stunning lines. Even those nostalgic for the Countach remain speechless! With a state-of-the-art carbon monocoque and suspensions worthy of a real racing car (double wishbones and pushrods), this supercar will remain in the catalog even longer than the Diablo and the Murcielago. Over the years, it has inevitably been overtaken by the most recent Ferraris and McLarens in terms of performance and technology. But to keep kids and car enthusiasts of all ages dreaming, we challenge you to find a more efficient machine than the Aventador.

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780 horses in apotheosis

Ultimate evolution of the Aventador, the aptly named Ultimae pushes the power of its V12 to 780 horsepower, ie 10 more than under the hood of the radical SVJ. This is a power record for this V12, only equaled by that of the Sian FKP37 and other Countach LPI 800 in ultra-limited editions (even more powerful thanks to a small electric motor as reinforcement). Compared to the Aventador SVJ, the Ultimae opts for less firm suspension settings and ignores the most extreme equipment: no active aerodynamic system « ALA », a heavier chassis of 25 kg and a presentation very similar to that of the Aventador S with a more “grand touring” vocation. If it can beat the terrible Ferrari 812 Competizione of 830 horsepower on the 0 to 100 km / h (2.8 seconds) thanks to its all-wheel drive, it is unhooked a little at high speed (0 to 200 km / h in 8 .7 seconds against 7.5 at the Ferrari). And the Ultimae always composes with a single-clutch gearbox, slow and unpleasant in automatic mode, where its rare competitors all have a dual-clutch system. So, outdated the big Lambo?

Dreams at all levels

No way. First, assume that there is no such awe-inspiring automobile to behold on the market today. Then tell yourself that driving in everyday life with such a monument of extravagance does not pose that much of a problem. On the highway, barely exceeding the speed limits, consumption drops below 13 l/100 km and we would find it almost comfortable on long journeys. In town, the front axle lifting system allows you to pass the most threatening speed bumps without destroying the carbon splitter lip and finally, you get used to riding in this machine designed like a fighter plane without any problem. But that’s for the sidelines of the real road experience in aventador Ultimae. Because once on a road with a profile compatible with the size of the beast – the Gineste between Marseille and Cassis, for example – driving an Aventador Ultimae suddenly becomes the most exciting thing of your life. Why ? First because under its monstrous appearance, this Lamborghini hides a particularly docile dynamic behavior. Get closer to the limits and you will only feel a hint of understeer, vigorously combated by the rear-wheel steering and a less lazy all-wheel drive system than on the first versions of the Aventador. As for the box, it becomes much faster – and brutal – in sporty driving once the manual mode is activated. Traction and ease of steering are such that you quickly remove the driving aids, in total confidence in a 780 horsepower and 720 Nm car that does not generate any kick: to put the rear axle in a slide, you really need the brutalize like a filth!

The breaker or nothing

The centerpiece of this experience naturally remains the engine, of which each scan of the tachometer up to the 8,700 rpm of the switch produces a sensory spectacle close to the terrifying. And if you opt for the Roadster version, hearing the roofless V12 reasoning in the red zone against the rock face of a coastal road will rank among the strongest memories of your life. Without reaching the acceleration records of the most modern supercars, the dizzying speeds and this astonishing ease of piloting do nothing either to make you want to stop playing before completely emptying the tank. Despite its 85-litre capacity, it dries up very quickly anyway at this rate since consumption then exceeds 40 liters per 100 kilometres. The 350 copies of the Ultimae Coupé and the 250 copies of the Roadster have all already been sold and Lamborghini promises us that the replacement for the Aventador, expected for 2023, will be even more beautiful. It will receive an all-new naturally aspirated V12, mated to a more efficient gearbox and an electric motor, whose power could exceed 1000 horsepower. We tremble just at the thought of knowing if it will make people dream as much as this Aventador Ultimae

To remember

quoteSlinging the switch at 8,700 rpm in a machine as intimidating to look at as it is easy to ride, it puts butterflies in your stomach. And the extraordinary reactions that this Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae elicits from other people restores faith in the future of automotive passion…
strong pointsMind-blowing sound show with no roof, ease of handling, blistering style

weak pointsPerfectible box, intimidating size, all sold


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780 hp

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18 l/100 km

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