Lamborghini Aventador: its replacement materializes

For the past few months, Lamborghini has been working on replacing its Aventador. Even more aggressive, it should be equipped with an electrified V12 for the first time.

After more than a decade of career, the Lamborghini Aventador will soon hand over to its replacement. Already seen by photographers at the start of the year, the prototype has once again been seen, this time on a Spanish road. The vehicle is more visible here, and its camouflage is lighter. The opportunity to find out more about the future model, whose name we do not yet know.

The replacement for the Aventador keeps the aggressive lines characteristic of Lamborghinis, recognizable among a thousand. Right angles and sharp optics, very low and wide bodywork, large side air intake and thin mirrors… It’s all there. Lamborghini has tried to camouflage certain details such as the lights with a few stickers evoking the current generation. But just look just above those crude stickers to discover the true shape of the lights, in the shape of a lying Y. A theme dear to Lamborghini, which already uses it on several models of the brand… including the Aventador. Between these lights, four large round exhaust outlets placed in a hexagon. They could nevertheless be replaced by other geometric shapes than the round on the final model.

More than 800 hp thanks to hybridization?

As confirmed by the yellow stickers with lightning on the body, the coupe replacing the Aventador will be electrified. It will use the famous in-house V12, as brand boss Stephan Winkelmann had already announced in July 2021. But this time, the block will resort to a hybridization, potentially rechargeable. An association already seen at Ferrari for example, with the 296 GTB and its 830 hp. Thanks to the fairy electricity, the Lambo could exceed 800 hp to get closer to the Ferrari. Currently, the Ultimae variant of the Aventador tops out at 780hp thanks to its 6.5-liter V12 without any form of assistance.

The replacement of the Aventador is scheduled for 2023, before the Huracan is also replaced from 2024. Eventually, the firm of Sant’Agata Bolognese will offer an electrified range to meet the drastic standards of the European Union, whether with hybrid or even electric.

Photos: Carpix / Andreas Mau.

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