Lamborghini, Alexander McQueen, Jacquemus… These leaders of Instagram Reels.

In a recent ranking, the digital marketing firm Emplifi distinguished the ten brands with the highest rate of interactions on Instagram through their content published in the Reels format. Among these, three luxury labels stand out.

Lamborghini, Alexander McQueen and Jacquemus fans of Reels.

Launched in 2020 to compete with TikTok, the Reels feature seems to have won over brands and houses that have gradually integrated this video format into their content strategies. Over a reference period established from April 1 to June 30, 2022 and covering a scope of 18,588 corporate accounts, Emplifi has thus highlighted the strong interactions generated by the Reels of several entities, including those of the beauty and lifestyle brand Pleasing , the streaming giant Netflix or even Tesla.

Within this top, luxury is not to be outdone. In fifth position, we find Lamborghini with some 143,471 interactions over the observation period. Sacred leader of the median number of likes on Instagram last year, the Italian manufacturer now regularly relies on this format to share short driving sequences. A few days ago, the motorist announced that he would launch in parallel on the social network Discord where he will have to adapt this ultra-visual brand content in favor of content with high conversational value.

Also note the presence in the ranking of the fashion house Alexander McQueen. With 87,182 interactions, the label stands out for the very recurrent use of Reels, which represent approximately one in two post formats, highlighting the brand’s latest silhouettes.

In last position of this Top 10, we finally find the official account of Jacquemus, the French leader in the median number of interactions on Instagram in 2021. The designer, who this year launched a second account on the social image network, has here been able to decline his brand universe in mini-videos, alternating excerpts from fashion shows , campaigns and inspirations and not hesitating to communicate in the first person on behalf of an embodied profile. On its official account, which is close to 5 million followers, the Reels teasing the fashion show organized by the brand in Hawaii last March has notably accumulated 9.3 million views and more than 373,000 likes.

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