LaMarcus Aldridge reveals the big regret of his career

Retired for a few weeks, LaMarcus Aldridge has since had time to contemplate his NBA career. The opportunity for him also to realize the regrets he might have. The old interior has recently revealed the largest of them.

The announcement was particularly brutal. While he had just signed with the Nets for only a few weeks, LaMarcus Aldridge had to put an immediate end to his sports career last April, following health concerns. A sad end to the course for this player, who has scored almost 20,000 points in fifteen seasons in the big league.

For two months, however, tributes against him have been pouring in from everywhere. Damian Lillard, who rubbed shoulders with him in his early days, even asked that Portland, where LMA has spent most of his career, remove his jersey. A statement that touched the strong-winger enormously, as he explained to The Athletic:

Lady is a real one. Everyone already knew that. I knew it. But I want to say publicly that he’s a real guy for the way he advocated for it right away. He didn’t need to do that, it doesn’t get him anything to fight for it. But it shows how good a guy he is, and how much he appreciates what I did in my day.

A beautiful declaration of love from the L-Train, which returns the favor to his former teammate. The relationship between the two, however, will not always have been good during the time they played together, and Aldridge is well aware of this. He also says bluntly that this is the thing that bothers him the most about his NBA journey:

I just think I wish Lady and I would talk more and try to develop a better relationship. Part of it was because he was young, trying to find his way, and I had worked so hard to get to where I was. I should have worked harder… The only regret I have is that I should have worked harder to have a relationship with Lady.

This is all in the past, and no one will be able to do anything about it. What matters is that the two men now appreciate each other at their fair value, especially since the interior has played an important role in the development of Dame DOLLA This one might not be. there without the experience of n ° 12.

Even more than not having lifted the champion’s trophy, LaMarcus Aldridge therefore regrets not having had a better chemistry with Damian Lillard. Proof that not all players are obsessed with the title, and that relationships are very important in the NBA.

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