LaMarcus Aldridge joins ‘20,000 club’ | NBA

Six months ago, LaMarcus Aldridge was retired. In spite of himself, because of a heart which races from time to time, and which had really frightened him. We did not expect to see him again on the field, and yet this night he entered « the club of 20,000 ». Against the Pacers, the interior of the Nets scored his 20,000th career point, and he is the 48th player in history to achieve it.

He did it with the manner since he scored 21 points against the duo Sabonis-Turner. « It feels good… It’s a real privilege » he reacted. “After what happened last year, I clearly didn’t think it was going to happen. I held on, I fought, and it feels really good to get there, to come back, and just to feel privileged ”.

« He has scorer instincts »

Decisive in the money time with six points, including a tap and his usual mid-distance shoot, Aldridge greatly participated in the victory of the Nets, and he received congratulations from his friend Kevin Durant, out of Texas like him.

« He has scorer instincts, something that you get into your head as soon as you’re a kid » Durant explains. “Whatever the conditions, we know how to score points. In any condition, he is one of those players capable of making it through the midst of chaos. 20,000 career points, and only 48 players made it? While thousands of players have played… It’s a huge accomplishment to be seen as a guy who has averaged 20 points his entire career. Well done to L. I know he wants more, but it’s already a huge achievement. « 

Same tribute to Steve Nash, happy to be able to count on the points of his interior while the Nets suffer under the panels since the beginning of the season.

“He played really well. He scored points when we needed them, but he also stuck to the game plan, and he defended, took rebounds, and he did the actions that we needed, and that’s really a important performance. He crowns it all with those 20,000 points, which is an incredible mark, and the legacy of his career and what he is as a player. « 

LaMarcus AldridgePercentageRebounds
2020-21 *All Teams262647.338.887.
2020-21 *SAN212646.436.
2020-21 *BRK52652.180.0100.

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