Lakers target speaks out on trade rumours!

Determined to strengthen their roster, the Lakers still have sights on several players available for trade. One of them has just spoken about the rumors, giving his vision of things. An opinion without filter and rather interesting to hear.

More than a month after the opening of the transfer market, the Lakers are still actively looking for players capable of taking them to the next level. After their catastrophic 2021-22 season, they really need it… Kyrie Irving is obviously the most discussed name of all, but it is far from their only target. Two other athletes in the league also attract their attention, being teammates on the Indiana side: Buddy Hield and Myles Turner.

The first nearly landed in the City of Angels last year, before the Crimson and Gold turned to Russell Westbrook. As for the second, twice the best blocker in the league and known for being able to draw from afar, his versatile profile could be very useful to the squad of Darvin Ham… and a good part of the competition, in fact. This is also why his name appears (very) regularly in transfer rumours.

As a result, his file has turned into a real sea serpent over the years, and the pivot never knows for how long he will still be a member of the Pacers. Suddenly, he learned to get used to it, as he recently revealed to journalist Marc J. Spears. He thus explained to her that he had taken advantage of his last stay in Africa to take a break from all these hallway noises, which would have done him a lot of good according to his own words:

Myles Turner cash on his potential departure from the Pacers

I really wanted to put all of that behind me for a while. I’ve decided to step back from social media for a bit. I turned off my phone and didn’t speak to anyone in the western world. I was able to just be completely in the present and completely in the moment. And that was the most rewarding part for me, I think.

This is my fifth offseason with trade rumors, « he’s going to land here, he’s going to do this, he’s going to do that », « he’s going to do that ». I got used to it, in a way. So that’s another thing I’m proud of. I was able to immerse myself in the experience I had in Africa rather than in my own personal life or my own selfish reasons.

In a way, the big man was totally right to do this. Being systematically sent from one franchise to another according to the various predictions can affect a player psychologically, so you might as well put that aside for part of the offseason. The interior knows what it can bring and what its qualities are. Whatever franchise he plays in next year, he should therefore be able to contribute as he knows how to do so well.

Myles Turner is now used to being embroiled in trade rumors, and he has chosen to cut himself off from the world a bit in order to be able to breathe. Enough to recharge the batteries and attack 2022-23 in good conditions, whether with the Pacers or the Lakers.

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