Lakers owner’s cash update on the state of the franchise!

Jeanie Buss was shocked by the level of her Lakers

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The Lakers’ preseason was simply catastrophic and fans are getting impatient. The criticism against owner Jeanie Buss is growing, and she has decided to answer all her detractors. The atmosphere is far from idyllic.

Difficult to draw conclusions on the preseason, especially after a change of coach, but the performances of the Lakers are particularly worrying in recent days. This Friday, for example, against a not necessarily terrifying Kings team, Darvin Ham’s men lost heavily 133 to 86. The evils of last season are still very much present…

Obviously the absence ofAnthony Davis played in this humiliating result, obviously Russell Westbrook’s Nightmare Evening and his injury had an impact, but these elements alone cannot explain these 47 points difference. Among the fans we are starting to criticize the players, they are the ones on the field, but not only.

Jeanie Buss denounces sexism towards her at the Lakers

For some the responsibilities go back much further in the sinking of last season and this preseason. Owner Jeanie Buss is under fire from critics and she can’t take it anymore. As she explained in a recent interview, she feels that a lot of the comments are directed at her simply because she’s a woman.

People are fascinated by the way I run the organization for some reason. Are these people asking Mark Cuban who he surrounds himself with in Dallas? Do these people ask Joe Lacob who he surrounds himself with in Golden State? There’s something about women in this business, everyone thinks I need to rely on men because I can’t do my job alone.

I work with great people, but the critics want to focus on Linda Rambis, who I’ve worked with for 30 years. I’ve always worked the same way. I am a leader, not a dictator. I like to build consensus internally, I like to listen to all the voices around the table. And in the end, if something goes wrong sportingly or at the business level, it is my responsibility.

While some question her way of leading the Lakers, Jeanie Buss wanted to restore her position as boss. If her decisions do not all please, such as that of extending Rob Pelinka while the workforce made available to Darvin Ham is unbalanced, the owner recalls that she is the first to want the success of her family. His money is at stake, not the detractors’.

Since the title won in the bubble the Lakers are only the shadow of a prestigious franchise. But Jeanie Buss does not necessarily intend to question herself and change her methods, she thinks that her team will find the heights of itself.

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