Lakers: LeBron James and Jabbar’s mythical record

LeBron James has reached 82 games played in a season only once in his career. It was in the 2017/18 fiscal year, the last with the Cavs. By donning the Lakers tunic in stride, he chained incomplete seasons: 55, 67, 45 and finally 56 games played last year.

His repeated absences have greatly contributed to the Lakers’ last two failed seasons, ending in elimination in the first round of the playoffs and then above all in non-qualification. This is what makes the interested party say today that the key will be  » to be available. It is the most important. You can’t control some injuries obviously, but that’s my state of mind. As the leader of the team – one of the leaders of the team – availability is the most important thing in this league. You must be available and on the ground. »

Health and defense priority

Evidence that will obviously concern the other great resident of the Lakers infirmary, Anthony Davis. The good news is that the “King” already feels “ fully healthy. I changed a lot of things in my diet this summer to be better physically. I keep thinking about this marathon. Today is the first day of the marathon. »

To hope to go as far as possible in this race, LeBron James is aware of the other priority that will have to be developed internally: defense.  » Teams that can defend and make saves when necessary are simply more successful in our league. So we will insist every day on the defensive side. »

This is precisely the speech maintained by Frank Vogel’s replacement, Darvin Ham. A newcomer that the superstar seems to appreciate.  » It is improving day by day but I believe that the transparency we have had since he was appointed coach is excellent. We had many conversations, not only about basketball but also about other subjects. I think it was high time for him to be appointed to this position. »

The « King » also has some positive words for another rookie, Patrick Beverley, one of the three players against whom he has  » hated playing “, with Kendrick Perkins and Lance Stephenson, before adoring becoming the teammate.

The record in 50 matches?

The former Wolves point guard could shake up the hierarchy of the Lakers on the post of playmaker, held so far by Russell Westbrook, towards whom many eyes will be turned this season after a failed first year in California.  » I can’t wait to be on the trip with him this year, it’s going to be a great season for him, and we’re going to be there with him. “However, displays LeBron James, confident.

The latter will also have a personal stake this season: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s famous career points record. He is missing 1,325 points on the clock. By keeping his career average, 27 units per game, he could pass the pivot around the 50th game of the season.

«  The only time I think about it is when someone posts something on my social media. And every time, I’m pretty impressed, like ‘Wow’. I’ve never played my career thinking about records, just making sure I’m in the best shape possible. But being here, knowing that I’m on the verge of breaking the most coveted NBA record, it’s humbling and it’s super cool “, ends the 37-year-old player, who does not intend to put himself” too much pressure on it.

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