Lakers get good Celtics, watch out for missteps


The NBA clearly didn’t want to work hard today, so the night’s schedule is lighter than usual with just three games. The menu is not gargantuan but there is something to have fun with a duel Luka Doncic – KD to start. Thibodeau will follow against Pop to stay awake, then a big Lakers – Celtics in closing.



  • 1h30: Mavericks – Nets (on beIN Sports 1)
  • 2h30: Spurs – Knicks
  • 4h: Lakers – Celtics


Los Angeles Lakers – Boston Celtics (4h): How to miss the biggest rivalry in the NBA? Lakers – Celtics, Boston – Los Angeles, two franchises and two cities that oppose everything and yet this year the two teams are experiencing some similar difficulties. Injuries, defeats, controversies … the two legendary franchises come out of the first two months of delicate competition. Results ? A seventh place for the Angelinos with twelve wins and as many losses and a sixth place for the C’s with thirteen wins and eleven losses. In short, both teams need victories and winning this clasico could only be a good thing. After yet another disappointing defeat against the Clippers, the cyborg gang must react. For the Celtics, a success could allow to finally chain a series of victories. You will understand, we forget the rhinestones and sequins and we take out the warming blue because each team needs this victory! And then it will also be the occasion for LeBron James to settle some scores with good old Enes Freedom Kanter, because even if the Turk has changed his name, we think that the King will recognize him… So meet, in uniform, in a few hours !


  • A snake in Texas, nothing more normal, but beware Kevin Durant will not be welcome and the Mavs have the opportunity to nab a prestigious success. For the umpteenth time we ask James Harden’s cousin to come home and send us the original.
  • The San Antonio daycare has shown great things with four wins over the last five games, unlike New York which has four losses and one victory. Opposites attract but the Knicks would be well inspired to seek a convincing victory to calm a little Tom Thibodeau who has been carrying around with ax in hand for a week.


The NBA calms down tonight and it’s time to catch our breath before the massive storm of Wednesday Panzani that arrives. But be careful, a light program does not rhyme with a night’s sleep and there are therefore three games with crucial stakes for the different players. Nap, coffee, NBA… you know the preparatory routine.


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