Lakers and Knicks fighting for the same shooter!

The New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers, symbolized here by NBA stars Derrick Rose and LeBron James, are expected to fight for the signing of a league-referenced shooter at the upcoming free agency.

Nathaniel S. Butler / Adam Pantozzi

All eliminated from the playoffs earlier than expected, Knicks and Lakers can now start looking for reinforcements for next season. The two franchises would have ticked off the name of an elite sniper, free agent this summer.

Their destinies, as well as their goals, turned out to be quite different this season. In the end, their end of the journey turned out to be similar. Out of the playoffs in the first round, the Lakers and Knicks are likely to experience a turbulent summer, in part because of their early eliminations. Each team has indeed reasons to deeply upset its workforce.

On the one hand, the Angelinos roster, reigning champions, clearly displayed its limits against Phoenix, to the point of not being able to compensate for the lack ofAnthony davis at the end of the series. On the other, that of New York, lacking the talent to hope to compete with the Nets, the Sixers or the Bucks in the Eastern Conference.

And if LA will have to deal with a very limited financial margin during the offseason, the franchise of the Big Apple can conversely rely on a full portfolio. This does not prevent the two front offices from staying on the lookout for a good shot this summer, namely a shooter who has proven himself this season according to Evan Massey.

The Lakers and Knicks are expected to pursue elite shooter Doug McDermott during free agency. The Pacers would also like to re-sign him, sources tell NBA Analysis.

It should come as no surprise that the two organizations are looking at the profile of a gunner. Respectively 11th and 15th in terms of 3-point percentage on the postseason, Knicks (34.2%) and Lakers (29.9%) have every interest in intelligently strengthening themselves in this sector. Doug McDermott’s signing would therefore make full sense.

Practically disappeared from the traffic following his passage … in New York, the 29-year-old winger has regained color under the jersey of Indiana. He remains on an exercise at 13.6 points on average, the whole at 53.2% shooting and 38.8% behind the arc. The Pacers should however offer him a nice check in the coming weeks, which will not facilitate the task of his two prestigious contenders.

In search of an outside address, the Knicks and Lakers could pull off a good shot Doug McDermott. This, if the shooter is not too greedy as a free agent.

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