La Conmebol finally opposed to the World Cup project every two years

After supporting the World Cup project every two years carried by FIFA and Arsène Wenger, the South American Football Confederation (Conmebol) announced in a press release on Friday that it had changed its mind, « Technical analyzes » having « Shown that it was not viable ».

South American football leaders consider that a World Cup every two years would see « Its quality is lowered and its exclusive character undermined » ; that she would lose « Its dynamics and its appeal » in the eyes of the public; what « Would represent an overload practically impossible to manage in the calendar of international competitions » and that she could even « Jeopardize the quality of other tournaments », both clubs and continental.

If she says to herself « Open to dialogue », the Conmebol concludes that there is « No sporting justification to shorten the interval between the World Cups ».

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