L1 (J6): ​​Lens thwarted by Reims

Media365 editorial staff, published on Sunday, September 04, 2022 at 4:57 p.m.

Traveling to Reims this Sunday on behalf of the 6th day of Ligue 1, Lens was forced to share the points with its host of the day (1-1).

In the times of passage of the Parisian, Marseille and Lyonnais leaders, RC Lens wanted to chain a fourth success in a row on the lawn of the fourteenth. Distrust however, the Rémois having won with courage and 10 against 11 the first victory of their season in Angers during the last day.

Exploiting the full width of the pitch thanks to available corridors, three mobile attackers, and the impact of Salis Abdul Samed in the central circle, the Artésiens gradually stifled their hosts, until they reached 69% possession at the break. . A collective domination without sharing, that neither Massadio Haïdara (who crushed his shot with his bad foot after having erased Maxime Busi and Andreaw Gravillon in the 29th minute), nor Loïs Openda (with a blocked volley at the penalty spot in the 35th minute, then from an unbalanced shot after a brilliant call and control in the 44th) could not materialize in the first period. Lacking success at the time of conclusion, the Malian side and the Belgian winger did not cease to highlight themselves, opening breaches in a Marne block retreating more and more. The Stade de Reims had yet failed to take the lead in the 13th. Lonely at the edge of the halfway line, Junya Ito obtained a free kick quickly played by Alexis Flips, who threw Folarin Balogun deep. In one against one against Jonathan Gradit, the young Englishman did not see that the one who had launched him was continuing his effort and on one dribble too many, took away a ball that Flips was already seeing catapult between Brice Samba and the left post. Everything therefore remained to be done in the second act.

The Lensois proved on returning from the locker room that appetite comes with eating and that they would not satisfy a point away from home. They immediately put the pressure on their hosts, and David Pereira Da Costa anticipated a miss from Gravillon to go deep, enter on the left of the box, fix Patrick Pentz and look for the opposite vent… the ball ricocheted off the right upright !

Contrasting entries for Machado and K.Doumbia

No time for regrets, since 4 minutes later, Balogun thought to embark Gradit on his dribble, but the defender held the ball back on his tackle. Marshall Munetsi had followed, and struck hard with the left as he crossed. Solicited at point-blank range, Samba manages a reflex cuff as a handkeeper, preserving the 0-0!

The visitors’ affairs became more complicated in the 66th minute, when, just after entering the game, Deiver Machado took Ito’s legs in the position of last defender. Logical red card. Five minutes later, Dion Lopy sprang into the feet of Florian Sotoca and shifted Kamory Doumbia. For his first ball, the young Malian pretended to go there alone, fixing the defense, feigning the strike… to offer a marvel of hidden pass to Balogun. Lonely at the far post, the top scorer from Reims embarked Samba on his control, then opened the scoring in the wide open cage!

The best RC Lens at 11… and at 10!

It got even tougher for the Artésiens, who however refused to see their unbeaten streak of 13 games come to an end at Auguste-Delaune. Their self-sacrifice was rewarded in the 82nd, after a cross from Jean Onana at the reception of which Sotoca wanted more than Busi to put away a header. Still with a header, Openda took advantage of Emmanuel Agbadou’s lax marking to equalize from close range. A sanction for the men of Oscar Garcia, who had seen themselves pocketing the three points too quickly in the wake of the opener, and had chosen to leave the ball to the proteges of Franck Haise. Dominators, even at 10, the latter even almost winning everything on the gong, when Openda – him again! – beat Yunis Abdelhamid to take back a cake from Ismaël Ben Boura at 5.50. With a reflex dive down the right, Pentz prevented the backstab. The Rémois can consider themselves well off with this sharing of points, as for the Lensois, they proved by their quality and their pride that they were in their place at the top of the table.

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