Kyrie’s cash message to Ben Simmons after his disastrous shot

NBA Kyrie discusses Ben Simmons case

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Ben Simmons was back on an NBA court for the first time since enjoyeds of a year, and he illustrated himself with an incredible brick at the start of the meeting. Kyrie Irving was quick to react and reassure his new teammate. It changes from his last days in Philadelphia…

This first preseason game was very different from the others for the Nets. Indeed, more than 6 months after his arrival in the Big Apple, Ben Simmons finally played his first meeting in his new colors. Obviously lacking in rhythm, the leader/interior notably distinguished himself with a terrible brick at mid-distance. After more than a year without playing, one would have expected progress in the field.

Kyrie Irving happy to share the pitch with Ben Simmons

In addition to this magnificent mid-range board, proof that he is still not a shooter, Ben Simmons has achieved a few good things on the field, and in particular light passes that should take the Nets’ game to another dimension. After the loss to the Sixers by James Harden, Kyrie Irving returned to the big premiere of his new teammate, and he revealed what he had said to him at half-time after his terrible miss:

Every time a player comes back from a long absence it takes time. We all need to realize that we have responsibilities as teammates to make his life easier. I told him at half time that despite everything he may have heard about us, we are very high level players and we will make the game easier for him. I know he’s going to like playing with us, he’s going to like going on the counter-attack…

The fact that he is on the pitch today and that we were able to share that with him is something that we will not forget immediately. I’m happy that things went well for him on a few easy baskets, he made some good passes. But he knows that there will still be a long way to go before he can feel at his best. I’m happy he’s not in a rush, and this season the goal is to stay healthy.

Kyrie Irving wants Ben Simmons to relax and realize one thing: Kevin Durant and he will do everything to make life easier for the leader, in particular by ensuring offensively and by creating spaces for him to exploit. Despite the big miss at halfway, Uncle Drew was pleased with the Australian’s performance, who finished with 6 points, 5 assists and 4 rebounds.

Ben Simmons quickly proved it: he is not necessarily a better shooter than in Philadelphia, the Nets will therefore have to take this parameter into account. Kyrie Irving is not necessarily surprised, and he knows that it is up to him to allow the point guard to shine despite this.

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