Kyrie takes a stray bullet via Novak Djokovic!

For several months now and her refusal to be vaccinated, Kyrie Irving has been the target of many criticals. The proof, while he is kept away from his team, he just received a small tackle from an ATP-ranked tennis player, who dared to compare with Novak Djokovic.

Kyrie Irving is having an exceptional season, but not necessarily in a good way. After an incredible year alongside Kevin Durant, despite a fatal injury to his Nets in the conference semi-final against the Bucks, one would have expected the point guard to continue in that line and allow his team to turn a corner.

Unfortunately for the moment, he has to be content to observe his partners from home, the fault of an assumed non-vaccination. He could play away games well, at least in states without a health pass, but his leaders have refused that possibility, they want Uncle Drew to be 100% available before returning to the squad. He is therefore at the mercy of the decisions of the senator from New York.

Kyrie Irving not at the ankle of Novak Djokovic

For Nick Kyrgios, world No.13 ranked tennis player and NBA fan, this decision by the Nets point guard is political, and it could have an impact on society. But as he specifies in the No Boundaries Podcast, Kyrie Irving does not necessarily have the influence of the greatest tennis players in the world. He used the example of Novak Djokovic to support his point.

Kyrie Irving is really famous in the world, but Novak Djokovic is on a level way above that. And then I think tennis, as a whole, is much more important than the NBA in the world. I am sure Novak is more influential than Kyrie. Seriously he is considered a king in Serbia. Think how important this status is, and how much being known in Europe matters.

Nick Kyrgios takes a clear side in this interview, but did the debate really exist between Kyrie Irving and Novak Djokovic? While both are prodigies, they do not have the same place in the history of their sports. Indeed, if the leader is a rare talent, an NBA champion, and one of the best on his job in history according to a former rival, it is far from being able to measure itself with the prize list of Novak Djokovic.

Because the Serbian has the arguments in his favor for the title of GOAT in world tennis. He has indeed 86 tournament victories, including 20 Grand Slams, a historical record that he shares for the moment with Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer … So obviously, between a leader who does not currently play, and a tennis player who can claim the title of greatest player of all time, there is no real picture.

No, Kyrie Irving does not have the influence of a Novak Djokovic nor even his popularity on a global scale. However, they share one thing, it is the hatred that some fans have for their attitude.

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