Kyrie Irving’s shock reaction to elimination, ulcerated fans!

The Nets experienced terrible disappointment for these playoffs, with a 0-4 elimination against the Celtics, a sweep. It’s a huge miss, especially for a team that wanted to win the title at grassroots level. However, nothing to disturb Kyrie Irving, whose reaction annoys lots of fans.

We didn’t think to say that, but for the Nets, it’s already the end of the playoffs. The franchise fell one last time against the Celtics on Monday night, with a score of 116-112. The guilty ? They are actually several, but let’s say that Kevin Durant will generate a lot of criticism.

It’s clear the star has failed to raise his level of play, despite scoring 39 points in that last game, but trailing 13-31 on shot. A bad series for KD, who may have an explanation to give us after such a fiasco, or even his huge miss in the end. The Celtics were much better in these playoffs, of course, but the fans were entitled to expect much more, especially with an almost complete roster.

The controversial video of Kyrie Irving after the defeat

Another player who draws criticism? Kyrie Irving. The leader missed out, too discreet during this postseason with KD. What to ask questions about his motivation, especially when we could see the leader after the defeat, all smiles in the arms of his opponents.

But why is Kyrie Irving all smiles???

Of course, a player is still allowed to smile, even after a defeat. Nevertheless, after such a fiasco, Irving should be quite disappointed, like Kevin Durant and millions of Nets fans, who are not happy. Kyrie him, could almost make believe that he has just won with this attitude. You understood, it does not pass for much.

It’s all smiles that Kyrie Irving left the floor of the Barclays Center on Monday, when he has just been eliminated 0-4 by the Celtics. A very average attitude for the leader, especially after failed performances on his part. Decidedly, his behavior still annoys as much in the Big Apple.

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