Kyrie Irving’s hard tackle on Giannis about the playoffs

Last season, the Nets perfectly mastered the conference semi-final against the Bucks… and then Kyrie Irving was injured. Several months later he still hasn’t digested it, and he let it be known by letting go a very subtle little tackle to Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Good news for the Nets, the long series of trips that began on Monday will allow Kyrie Irving to play 11 games out of 14, which is particularly encouraging for the playoffs. And then it must be said that with the injury of Kevin Durant, who could be out for more than a month, Steve Nash will need the leader’s talent to run the shop.

The question remains, however, whether Uncle Drew will be able to stay healthy, he who can be prone to injury. In the last conference semi-final against the Bucks, his sprained ankle, for example, changed the whole dynamic of the series, and fans must fear that such a scenario could happen again.

Kyrie Irving still annoyed by Giannis’ gesture in the playoffs

Moreover, this episode has obviously still not been digested by the leader of the Nets, who spoke about it after his enormous performance against the Cavaliers (27 points, 9 assists and 7 rebounds, defeat 114-107 ). In fact he does not budge, for him, Giannis Antetokounmpo purposely let his foot drag on this action which changed the course of the playoffs. It’s subtle, but a simple gesture translates his real thought.

There are a lot of things to digest, between what we wanted to be at the start of the season and what we can be by the end of the season. There are also a lot of things that we cannot control like last season in the playoffs. James Harden was injured, I just took a shot and Giannis came to defend, and his foot “unfortunately ended up under mine”. This season there is my situation, Kevin’s injury… We all have to take responsibility and deal with it.

With this little wave of the hand, these quotation marks, Kyrie Irving clearly shows his suspicion about Giannis Antetokounmpo. For him, the fact that the foot of the double MVP is found under his was not a coincidence, even if the Greek Freak has always said the opposite. The truth will never come out, but the reunion is likely to be explosive between the two.

For Kyrie Irving things are clear, Giannis Antetokounmpo was dirty on this action and he voluntarily dragged his foot to hurt him. It doesn’t look like the Greek Freak, but doubt is allowed.

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