Kyrie Irving is already sealing his future in a big statement!

Passing in front of the media, Kyrie Irving was logically questioned about the mandate lifted on the side of New York. The leader took the opportunity to take stock of his ambitions, while sealing his future in the Big Apple. A big statement, which should please the fans.

Absent a good part of the season, Kyrie Irving was frustrated for a long time, but chose not to get vaccinated. This Sunday evening, against the Hornets, he will finally have the opportunity to play at home, in front of his public after the abandonment of the mandate for sports athletes. A great moment for the point guard, who hopes to bring a title for Brooklyn:

Take what I’m about to say seriously, when I explain that I haven’t stopped pinching myself since Wednesday and Thursday, because there were times when I had hope, but I never stopped being disappointed. I don’t want to be too excited, and I mostly try to be focused on the game ahead. But tomorrow, against Charlotte, I can’t wait to get back to Brooklyn.

Kyrie Irving does not want to let go of Kevin Durant!

Yes, Irving is looking forward to it and will no doubt savor it. We are curious to see the rest of the side of the Big Apple, but the leader did not stop there. He continued to talk about the future, and even talked about his future as a player. For him, there is no question of leaving Kevin Durant.

To be honest, I signed for the long term. I loved this season, and I’m very grateful. It hasn’t been a usual year, but when I look at my teammates and what we have as an organization, I see in the long term, I want to leave something behind me.

I’ve always wanted to find a place where I’m comfortable, where I love to be. This is the case here. When summer rolls around, I know there will be conversations, but there’s no way I’m leaving my guy 7.

Just like that, Kyrie warns that he won’t be leaving Brooklyn this summer. No matter the year that has just passed, or the result to come during the playoffs, the point guard wants to stay. After complicated seasons with the Celtics and the Cavaliers, Irving is happy, and intends to continue like this.

It’s already official: Kyrie Irving will stay this summer with the Nets, and will find a financial agreement without too much problem. Not really a surprise for the leader, even if last season was quite complex. But the leader feels good in Brooklyn, to the point of staying there until the end of his career.

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