Kyrie Irving, hope for LeBron and Westbrook

Since the start of their collaboration with the Lakers, LeBron James and Russell Westbrook have not really shown the expected results. However, nothing seems lost in advance for the King and the Brodie, who can rely on the liabilities … of Kyrie Irving to maintain confidence!

Some argued that with a single ball on the ground, one would necessarily walk on the other’s flower beds. For the most optimistic, the combination of their talent could only give birth to an explosive doublet. So far, the first fringe is rather the one that appears to be true. Gathered since the start of the season at the Lakers, Lebron james and Russell westbrook have had difficult beginnings together.

Because during the quadruple NBA champion continues to reign supreme as the boss of the team, his new teammate has long struggled to find his place at his side. But if all is not yet perfect – far from it – an improvement can be observed in recent days. The two stars are indeed part of the main architects of the recent revival of their franchise.

LBJ / Russ in front of Bron / Kyrie split times

As the mid-season approaches, observers are necessarily wondering about the future of the duo composed by LeBron and Russ, whose good performance will obviously be essential for the success of the Angelinos. And for those who would dare to believe that it is starting from too far, a little glance in the retro can make them lie. It suffices to remember the one formed by LBJ and Kyrie Irving in 2014 to keep hope on the Purple & Gold side!

LeBron’s first 40 games with Kyrie and Russ:

LeBron & Kyrie: 20-20
LeBron & Russ: 21-19

They too in trouble on their first side-by-side meetings, LeBron and Kyrie had ended up finding the right fuel, with a record of 33-9 to finish their first regular season at the Cavaliers. This, before going to the Finals, then winning the title the following year. Nothing therefore seems impossible for the pair of the Lakers, even if the Western conference perhaps has more competition than that of the East at the time!

The challenge facing LeBron James and Russell Westbrook at the Lakers is nothing new for the King, he who already knows how to find the winning recipe after a complicated debut with a new star leader!

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