“Kyrie Irving hates these guys, no doubt! »

The situation is becoming increasingly unstable on the side of Brooklyn, given the latest revelations. These include an open conflict between Kyrie Irving and two key members of the franchise organization. It’s quite ironic though…

The more time passes, the less hope there is that the Nets superteam will still be in place from the fall of 2022-23. We’ve known this since the start of the offseason, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are departing, although no deal has yet emerged for them. The franchise has monstrous demands on the competition, with little hope of keeping its shock duo next year. However, we can now almost forget this idea.

Indeed, the info fell yesterday and created chaos: KD would have asked that Steve Nash and Sean Marks, respectively coach and GM of the team, be fired if blacks and whites want to be able to keep him. In other words, “it’s them or me”… A hell of a blow, especially in the case of the leader. After all, he’s the one who got the New York armada up and running, having been in the job since 2016 with a really good job overall.

The craziest part of all this is that the Slim Reaper would not be alone in thinking like this and would benefit from some support within the locker room. the New York Post conducted its little investigation and thus revealed that another hot file of the franchise would be of the same opinion as n ° 7: Kyrie Irving. After being refused an extension and given the weaknesses in Brooklyn’s game in 2021-22, the point guard would not be at all fond of this doublet from which he would very much like to be separated:

Kyrie Irving not a fan of the Nash/Marks duo at the Nets

Kevin Durant doesn’t appear to be the only Nets player to dislike the leadership style of general manager Sean Marks and coach Steve Nash. A source close to the Nets organization indicated that Kyrie Irving isn’t too happy with the pair either. « Kyrie Irving hates these guys, » the source told The Post’s Josh Kosman. « He thinks Nash is terrible and Marks is bad. »

Still, the irony of the situation is palpable. Indeed, it was Uncle Drew and KD who pushed Marks to fire Kenny Atkinson two years ago, so that Nash would be hired as the new coach. Now, they would both want their heads together when they are far from blameless in this situation. If that happened, they would have the keys to the truck for good… It’s frankly daring and the feeling is also shared by a vast community of fans. Clearly, the reputation of the two stars is tarnished for quite a while.

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are not doing the NBA any good.

Just like Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving would not be a fan of the Steve Nash / Sean Marks pair, it either, and certainly wouldn’t say no to them being fired. That being said, there is rather little chance that this wish will be granted, and we would lean more towards a departure from the leader.

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