Kyrie Irving goes straight there: “I did sh*t”

Character decried in the NBA sphere, Kyrie Irving often sees his behavior criticized in the media or on the networks. During his last appearance, the star point guard of the Nets pleased his detractors… by openly acknowledging his wrongs!

In Cleveland already, he had his share of haters, who at the time only had his style of play or his sometimes pretentious statements to blame him for. Of course, his so far failed experiences with the Celtics and Nets haven’t helped matters. But more than his failures on the NBA courts, Kyrie Irving regularly finds himself in the eye of the collimator because of his escapades away from the pitch.

Whether it’s his repeated and unjustified absences in recent years, his alleged selfishness for refusing to be vaccinated, or his speeches considered lunar by some, Uncle Drew stirs up the hatred of many fans. Rare, however, are the times when he agrees to publicly discuss these regrettable strokes. That’s what he just did on the set of The Shop: Uninterrupted.

Kyrie Irving’s Viral Mea Culpa

Recently on the HBO show, Irving spoke with an open heart, not refusing to discuss any subject. Praised by LeBron James for his frankness — in what appears to some Internet users to be an attempt to recruit — the star point guard from Brooklyn notably returned to his uneven career in the league. The opportunity to finally make amends to him:

I’ve been through a lot that I couldn’t even sum up here in 5 or 10 minutes. I don’t use it as a piece of luggage that I like to carry everywhere with me. My story is my story. I’ve done weird shit in public, and I’ve done weird shit backstage. And I learned to live with all the gossip that it may have generated.

Aware of his faults and his past faults, Kyrie obviously seems to regret them, but nevertheless believes that they have helped him to forge a real shell. A valuable asset in his situation, which allows him, for example, to bend his back when he finds himself in a crazy rumor a priori fallacious. For those who were hoping for a possible apology from him, we will still have to wait!

Author of a number of road trips in recent years, Kyrie Irving willingly accepts them, and today prefers to highlight the benefits they may have had on him. Suffice to say that he does not intend to repent anytime soon!

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