Kyrie Irving breaks the silence and gives a big rant!

Still in the closet because of his refusal to be vaccinated, Kyrie Irving is rare in the media and on social networks. However, he broke the silence this Saturday, discovering ultra-relayed news that put him in a trance!

Figure in the league a few months ago, his absence now goes unnoticed. Kept away from the pitch since the start of the season, Kyrie Irving don’t try to keep the light on him. Quite the contrary. Absent from the media, to which he does not grant the slightest interview, the star leader of the Nets is hardly more present on the networks.

Kyrie protests over Kyle Rittenhouse trial

Uncle Drew’s speeches on Twitter or Instagram are only tricky, and are mostly cryptic. On the other hand, the one he made this Saturday turned out to be much clearer. Very attached to social justice, he was indignant at the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse, accused of murder in a case born following the demonstrations linked to the anti-racist movement Black Lives Matter.

This system is rotten to the bone.

May EVERYTHING be revealed!

A follower of conspiracy theories, Kyrie was quick to criticize the verdict rendered by the American judicial system, he who visibly believes that Rittenhouse should have been sentenced to life imprisonment he was facing. A bell undoubtedly shared by LeBron James, who openly laughed at the plea of ​​the young man a few days ago, but also by Karl-Anthony Towns, author of a speech similar to his counterpart.

The system is broken.

Not very talkative since his withdrawal from the Nets, Kyrie Irving nevertheless wanted to express his indignation following the judgment of Kyle Rittenhouse. An affair which was close to his heart, and which did not know the outcome he hoped for!

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